Generation Beyond inspires exploration

SHELTON—Holy Trinity Catholic Academy (HTCA) is excited to bring an stimulating STEM program to students in PreK-3 through eighth grade. The Generation Beyond program is a first of its kind, national education program designed to inspire the next generation of innovators, explorers, inventors and pioneers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

HTCA will have guest speakers from around the country, virtual and onsite field trips, and an online curiculum dedicated to the STEM and Generation Beyond program. The kick-off for the program was held January 12, representative, parents and faculty volunteered with conducting multiple hands on mini-sessions of science discovery. Station stops included the solar system, the scientific method, fingerprints, magnets, DNA, dinosaurs, volcanoes, bridge building, states of matter, coding and fun facts about different animals.

The volunteers were members of the community who have experience and knowledge in their field; a medical doctor, a Sikorsky employee, and a science teacher at HTCA were among those who instructed the students about their topics of interest.