Giving Thanks for our Tangible Blessings

“As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, let us remember and give thanks for the tangible blessings in our lives. To do so is both necessary and obvious. In contrast, we often forget the spiritual, intangible gifts that God has given us. One of those gifts are the very people around us, with whom we live, work, share life as our neighbors, with whom we raise our children, dream of a better future and come together in times of challenge and crisis.

It seems to me that we often take for granted the blessings we share together in our common life as a nation. For this reason, I ask that you and I recommit ourselves this Thanksgiving to recognize, celebrate and foster the community we form, as one nation under God, in all our diversity, disagreements, and common hope for the future. Let us recommit ourselves to patient listening, a spirit of understanding, a willingness to speak the truth with respect and to stand in solidarity with whomever is our neighbor.”

Bishop Frank J. Caggiano