God Stands with the Forgotten

As I was reflecting earlier this morning on today’s Gospel, I realized that there is an interesting parallel between the birth and the resurrection of Christ. In both cases, the persons chosen by the angels to announce the presence of Christ are the very persons that society considered “outcasts”. In both cases, God reveals that those whom the world considers unimportant are actually His chosen messengers- far more important than those whom the world considers “important”.

Recall that at the time of the Lord’s birth, it was to the shepherds that the angels first appeared. In the time of Jesus, shepherds were often quite poor and looked down upon, since they spent their time with animals in the countryside. Yet it was to them that the good news of the Savior’s birth was first proclaimed.

Similarly, it was to Mary Magdalene that the angels in the tomb first proclaimed that the Lord had Risen from the dead. Once again, it was to a woman who had a sinful reputation among her neighbors that God chose to reveal the good news of Christ’s victory over sin and death. It was because of her persistent love for the Lord, that compelled her to stay at the tomb, allowed her to become as the Fathers of the Church called her, the “apostle to the apostles”.

Those whom the world believes are inconsequential, insignificant and perhaps a burden are the very ones who are honored above all others in the plan of salvation. The lesson is simple and clear: God stands with those whom the world wishes to forget.

If it is good enough for God to stand with the “forgotten”, who are we to do anything less?

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