Goin’ Fishin’

FAIRFIELD—It’s summertime, and the fishing is easy! At least it was on the beautiful day recently for adults in the day program of St. Catherine Academy.

The adult students enjoyed a morning of recreation at the pond on Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens in Westport, followed by lunch on the grassy bank.

All of the fishermen made a catch, including a largemouth bass and a pumpkin seed sunfish, among others! Mr. Mike even went so far as to get up to his knees in the pond to assist with a 4.5-pound bass. (In case you’re wondering, all fish go back into the pond after the excitement.)  

With permission from Sal and Marie Gilbertie, owners of the gardens and Saint Catherine Center supporters, the group has gone to the pond four times now.

“It’s good for male bonding,” notes Mr. Pat, who came up with the idea for fishing expeditions, “And of course there’s great satisfaction for all of us in making a catch.”



Saint Catherine Academy is a state-approved, private special education school in Fairfield, Connecticut sponsored by the Diocese of Bridgeport. It serves students of all faiths who are impacted with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities. The programs are intentionally designed to help students transition from former environments to one that encourages greater independence, self confidence and engagement in the mainstream environment.

The Academy educates students ages 5-21 who are emotionally and behaviorally sound and available for learning, but currently unable to thrive in an inclusive setting. The Academy is part of Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs that serves as the centralized resource for people with disabilities in the Diocese.

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