Going Into Senior Year

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Strong faith in high school is beautiful and sometimes rare.  Joining a parish youth group or an organization like High School Apostles has been a way to meet more teenagers who are involved in their faith. Having a group of active faith members inspires me to live out my faith more fully. I know that I always have my faith to turn to, no matter what life throws at me.

Senior year is an especially stressful time with college applications, but it is comforting to have Jesus to guide me. My faith uplifts and fills me with determination, confidence, and joy. Going into senior year, I am able to be a light of Christ because He has instilled His Spirit within me. I love joining together with my fellow apostles to lead confirmation retreats or talk about our personal faith journeys. It is awesome to know that so many teens are excited about their faith. It is not common to be so immersed in faith at this age, so it is special to meet others with the same fire in their hearts. It is exciting to be able to share faith with people in my grade who may be just beginning their faith journey. Being an older teenage member in the Church comes with a special responsibility. We truly lead the Church; we are the active hands of God.

By: Isabella Iazzetta

High School Apostles, Senior at St. Joseph High School, Parishioner of St. Mary in Bethel