Having Faith in College

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I’m often asked how I keep my faith life alive and well in college. The answer is quite simple…I try.

I don’t particularly know if there is an answer, a secret to keeping faith alive in college. However, I do know that I just try to keep it alive and well while I’m away.  I try to find a few moments to pray everyday; I try to make it to Sunday mass every week; and I try to spend time with other sisters and brothers in the faith.

So again, when asked how I keep my faith alive and well while being away, the simple answer is I try. And I believe it’s the same for many others in our Diocese as well. College folk, we’re not perfect; we enjoy our sleep and our “fine” dining hall food perhaps more than we should, but we try to take what this dynamic Diocese has taught us and apply it to our lives at school, which is always to do our best. And our best in keeping our faith lives active and well, is by trying, by making the effort for Jesus.

By: Mike Falbo