Holy Spirit Parish hosts pancake breakfast

By Ron Kuzlik

STAMFORD – The Holy Spirit Men’s Group (HSMG) held their quarterly Pancake Breakfast at Holy Family Hall in Stamford on May 5.

About 10 volunteers set up, cooked, served and cleaned up for the nearly 120 attendees.

“The success of the HSMG events over the past year has started discussion in the leadership of the Men’s Group about how to distribute profits from these events,” said Tanner Cosgrove, the men’s group secretary. “We intend to use any proceeds to further our plans in our mission statement and to possibly help to ease the burdens on the parish.”

The mission of the HSMG is to “pursue the Church’s mission of saving souls by leveraging our virtues as men. We focus on embracing humility, accepting sacrifice, and fostering brotherhood via actionable items. Through events at Church of the Holy Spirit and beyond, we will unite our community, enabling spiritual growth and fulfilling our responsibility to the Church’s greater vision.”

Other HSMG events include the men’s wild game dinner celebrating first responders, father/son field day, the men’s steak night celebrating veterans, couples dinner with a guest speaker, a bi-monthly prayer group, a weekly informal Scripture study, and a monthly commitment to cook and provide food service at the New Covenant Center soup kitchen.

Father Luke Suarez has been pastor of Holy Spirit since 2019.

“I am grateful for the work the parish Men’s Group has accomplished, in imitation of Christ, through service and by bringing families together to share a meal,” he said. “It is a joy to see our entire community together – from the very young running in circles and laughing all around the room and outside to the more ‘mature’ engaging in fellowship after participating in the Celebration of the Mass.”

“By God’s good grace and focusing on bringing families together in fellowship and in worship, we continue to see our parish grow,” Father Suarez said.

Meetings are held the first Saturday of the month in Holy Family Hall from 7 am for fellowship, Adoration, and planning for current and future business and group activities. For more information, go to: