“I will bring you to high places, just follow me”

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It was Friday, May 19th, 2017. I had recently found out I was pregnant and because of pressure, I had an appointment to terminate the pregnancy the next morning. That night, on my way home from church, I was discouraged from having asked God what I should do and not hearing from Him.  As I walked back to my car, I noticed a carnival ready to close down for the night.  As I was driving past a big Ferris wheel, a small still voice told me to stop and get on. I thought that was nuts! I drove a little further along and the voice grew louder… “turn around and go on the Ferris wheel.”  I told God if the next traffic light changes, I will turn around.  Three traffic lights had changed, and feeling like Peter who denied Jesus three times, I knew I had to turn my car around to go back. I had to beg the grumpy Ferris wheel operator to let me on. He told me they were closed and it cost tickets and that the ticket booth was closed. After ten minutes of discouragement,  I began wondering why I couldn’t shake this voice that was telling me not to give up and to go on the Ferris wheel.  Finally, I was able to get tickets from a group of teenagers on their way out. God uses those we don’t expect. The operator looked at me as if I was crazy and was ready to say no, but because I persisted, he said, “Get on! Only one time around!”

As I was climbing up, I said to God, “Well, here I am. What do you want to tell me?” I had reached the peak of the Ferris wheel and could see the entire town all lit up and beyond… that is when I heard that loud clear voice and it distinctly said, “I will bring you to high places, just follow me.” I didn’t know what my ‘yes’ was going to mean or what trials and pain I would need to endure but I can say God did fulfill His promises. I didn’t go through with the termination and four months after that day, I would move in with the Sisters of Life at Villa Maria Guadalupe, which happens to be the highest point in Stamford, Connecticut! My son was born January 19th, 2018, exactly eight months after that encounter on the Ferris wheel and the same day of the March of Life in Washington D.C.  I was literally in labor watching Sr. Bethany Madonna address the nation on TV, while sisters were by my side in the hospital room. I placed my son up for adoption with an amazing couple that God has brought into my life. During the adoption placement ceremony that took place on January 29th, 2018 at Villa Maria, the Sisters of Life sung their song “Blessed is She”. This video is about the people and places that became part of my birth story during the nine beautiful months I got to carry my son. I pray it inspires you and can be a testimony of God’s reckless love for all His children.

Tiffany Tubby was a recent pilgrim to WYD 2019, traveling with the Diocese of Bridgeport. The video below was submitted to the WYD film festival. After watching it, please give it a “thumbs up!”