Jesus is My Quarterback

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February 5th was the BIG Day.  It was SUPER BOWL Sunday.  It was the opportune moment for family gatherings and fun times even if the favorite team did not reach our expectations.

So, let’s try some Monday morning quarter backing in a rather different sphere.  February, with its 28 days, invites us to get up to the line and tackle those waning cold days and snowstorms that still persist.  It directs us to step up to the line of scrimmage to see the new vistas that await us as we go forward on our daily journey with the Lord as our guide.

Think about it!  We have just left behind some joyous memories from Christmas and yet, very soon we are to delve into the Lenten season and the challenges it presents through prayer, fasting, and service.

Once again, the playing field is long and wide with Jesus as our companion.  After all, 40 days is long yardage to cover.  We require all the graces the Lord will disperse to us if only we listen attentively to his voice as he directs the play we are to follow.  Are you ready?

By: Sr. Helen Kieran, OP