Jesus will walk with us

BRIDGEPORT—Reflecting on Luke’s account of Jesus appearing to two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus, Bishop Caggiano said there are times in our lives when we’re lost, but the Lord will come and walk with us.

“You and I can understand at this very moment what the disciples were going through… being lost, and going nowhere without a clue about what tomorrow will bring. Our hearts are filled with anxiety, fear and doubt.”

In the Mass for the Third Sunday in Easter, live-streamed from the grotto-like Catholic Center chapel, the bishop said that Jesus walks with his people “through the sharing of scripture and the breaking of bread,” and shows them the way back when they are walking in the wrong direction.

He said that a visit to the Holy Land gave him a greater insight into the Gospel, when he learned that Emmaus means “nowhere,” and that scripture scholars are not certain of where the biblical Emmaus was.

In the Gospel, Jesus finds his two disciples disheartened and frightened after his crucifixion, and he simply accompanies them, though they do not recognize him.

However, in the encounter, “He turned them around, and allowed them to find place and mission,” the bishop said, urging people to pour out their hearts to Jesus in their hour of need, and to establish a relationship so they might always hear the truth.

The bishop said the “encounter with the Lord changes every part of our life when it happens,” and it is available to all those who believe.

“So we think we find ourselves lost and confused, but the Gospel teaches us to keep walking, to keep searching, and when we are at wits end or least expect it, we will turn and discover Jesus was with us every step of the way.”

In moments of doubt, the resurrection leads the way to a new awareness and of Christ’s love and a renewal of life, he said.

“What was once a fire reduced to embers will become burning blaze of love and allow us to go and reclaims the mission that is given to us, to be witnesses of his resurrection, that is alive with you and me. He has conquered sin, suffering and death. No matter what the challenge, we will have victory with him in this life and the life to come.”

Throughout the Mass for the Third Sunday in Easter Bishop Caggiano was accompanied in music and song by Lyndy Toole of Westport, a member of St. Luke’s Parish.

While the bishop has temporarily suspended the celebration of Holy Mass in the presence of the lay faithful, Bishop Caggiano and our priests are all still celebrating Mass every day. In many cases, these Masses are broadcast live or recorded and sent out to the faithful. You can find a complete list of our parishes streaming Mass below.

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