Journey with Jesus

Nuggets from Chapter Friday 12/2, Bishop Frank Caggiano’s “Three Lessons from a Journey with Jesus”:

  • A story that goes from the streets of Brooklyn to a seminary looking across the Sound to Bridgeport to a position as the Bishop of the diocese of Bridgeport.
  • Three lessons learned in an extraordinary faith journey.
  • A humorous, humble and vulnerable testimony to the grace, love and persistence of Jesus as our Lord.

With wonderful humor and great humility and authenticity, The Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, the Fifth Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Bridgeport, CT, shared the incredible twists and turns of his lifelong faith journey, as well as three lessons learned along the path.

Caggiano described with tremendous transparency life growing up in a closely-knit Brooklyn community as an Italian-American son of immigrant parents. He talked about his father’s extreme pride when he was accepted into Yale and his father’s heart-wrenching disappointment when he announced he was going to seminary.

Caggiano explained the two calls that have been on his life. First, the call to step up and be a man of faith–letting his life be claimed by Jesus–which he humbly admits is a project still underway. Second, his call to leadership and the challenges in discerning, understanding and finally accepting that call.

With extraordinary vulnerability, Caggiano then shared three life lessons from his faith journey, including the difficult ways in which some were learned:

Bishop Caggiano ended with a wonderful word of encouragement about the blessing and importance of men being able to meet in the spirit of the New Canaan Society–a safe place where men can remove their masks, support each other and share the life lessons learned in our journey with Jesus.

“So, let me just end by saying this. You are very blessed to have this gathering. For me, coming as a brother and witnessing what you are–don’t ever take it for granted. There are not many safe spaces where we can gather and drop our masks and be who we are called to be and to share whatever life lessons we have learned in the grace of Jesus Christ. So, I must tell you I am very grateful to have shared this morning with you, and perhaps, if time permits, I may be able to join you not as a speaker but just as a brother in faith.”

Following Bishop Caggiano’s talk is an extended Q&A covering topics such as the faith implications of being a Mets fan and the important role of fathers.

Click HERE to hear Bishop Frank’s talk and read about the three lessons.

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