Living Stations: St. John’s Youth Group

DARIEN—Matthew Razzaia of Darien portrayed Jesus on Good Friday in the St. John’s Youth Group Annual Living Stations.

His mother, Janice Razzaia, said that Matthew, who was born on Christmas, has always had an interest in portraying Jesus, and that she was deeply moved by the reverence and prayerfulness of the young people in the St. John’s Middle School Youth Group.

“It was really nice to see the teenagers participate in the Passion. My son is very serious and set the tone. It was very inspiring, walking around the inside of the Church with a Scripture reading for each one of the Stations along with music. It was beautifully done, ending with candles signifying the Resurrection,” said Mrs. Razzaia.

In his letter to parishioners, Father Frank Hoffman, pastor of St. John Parish, said that “During Lent, we have looked at the ways we needed to change our lives to conform them more to that of Christ. We have contemplated the Cross and how Christ died on it to save us from our sins. Now that it is Easter, we celebrate the fact that the Cross is not the last word that God speaks to us; the last word is Jesus Christ, the Risen One, who promises us the reality of eternal life.”

New members to the youth group and middle school youth group are always welcome. Young people are invited to come to a meeting or contact the director of youth ministries at: 203.662.1217 or email: St. John Church is located at 1986 Post Road in Darien.

(For more information, call: 203.655.1145 or visit online at: