Loving the Things that God Loves

Saint Thomas once taught his students that to love God means to love all the things that God loves. In light of this simple and profound truth, I am most grateful to all the mothers, living and deceased, who taught their spouses, children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends the things that God loves the most!

For my part, my mother taught me that God loves the Church and all those who form it as living members of the Mystical Body of Christ. As the Lord Jesus taught his disciples that we must love our neighbor as ourselves, my mother loved her family, friends, neighbors and guests in countless ways, always attending to their needs over her own. As God has a great love for those who are poor, sick and forgotten, my mother, in her own little ways, loved them as well, and taught my sister and I that the things we possess only have meaning to the extent that we are ready to share them with those in need.

Most importantly, from when I was a little boy, I was taught that God loved me. Through her words, actions, presence and forgiving heart, the one person on earth who unreservedly helped me to recognize God’s love in my life was my mother, because in countless ways she loved the same “little boy” that God loved.

To all our mothers, may the Lord abundantly bless you on this Mothers’ Day for your maternal care and countless sacrifices. And to my mother whom I trust is living in the glory of heaven, thank you for loving the things that God loves, including me.

By: Bishop Frank Caggiano