Mission Trip to Ethiopia

BRIDGEPORT—Diocesan social media leader John Grosso has joined Vicar General Msgr. Thomas Powers and other priests on a mission trip to Ethiopia. The group is being led by Nick Troilo of Darien, founder of Turning Wine Into Water, which works to provide safe, clean fresh water to African children.

In the brief video below, John and Nick share a joyful moment with the children of the Monastery school in Addis, Ethiopia.

“It is hard to describe the feeling of pure joy and love that we experienced when we walked onto those school grounds. We were surrounded by youth of all ages, asking to shake our hands, touch our hair, take selfies with us, hugging us, loving us. The genuine welcome and love that was poured out upon us, strangers, was humbling and awe inspiring and many other things. I wish I could accurately describe it. It felt as if we were encountering long lost family members,” said Grosso.

“Afterwards, we had coffee with the Ursuline Nuns we had met earlier today. They showed us the Kindergarten that they run, as well as a clinic they run to help those who are sick. There, we met Mary, a young woman from Germany (only 18!) who was taking a gap year to assist at the clinic. She has been here for nearly 2 months and is astounded by the genuine love and joy poured upon her! Please pray for her, the nuns, the monks, and all people here who are doing God’s work.

There is so much joy here. So much love for Jesus. So much love for all of God’s people,” he said.

The Bridgeport delegation also met with Catholic Relief Services officials to better understand the challenges faces by refugees and others who struggle for sustenance.

John Grosso provided this first-hand account of their journey through the diocesan Facebook page.


On Attending Mass with the Ursuline Sisters:

Today, after daily Mass, we met a group of Ursuline Nuns!

It has truly been an experience of awe celebrating Mass here in Ethiopia. The devotion and reverence that everyone has for the Eucharist is inspiring! Truly, everyone here is in love with Jesus Christ. What a blessing it has been to be with our brothers and sisters.

The welcome we’ve received in the monastery has been beautiful, humbling, and loving. The monks here have looked upon us as family, saying “we see Jesus in you.” We feel the same way about them. As we wake up this morning, let us also see Jesus in everyone we meet. Please pray for the monks here in Addis, for our priests who arrive today, for the people of Ethiopia, and for ourselves, that we might learn to see Jesus in every person we encounter.