Naming Our Fears

Bishop No Comments

Over these past seven months during which we have endured the deadly consequences of the Coronavirus in our midst, each of us has confronted a myriad of personal fears, some greater than others. For my part, I have feared for the health of my family, especially my great-niece and great-nephew- that they escape the clutches of this deadly, invisible invader. I fear for the long term health of our Church that continues to struggle to resume our common, ecclesial life under difficult circumstances. I am afraid that there will be a second wave of the pandemic, possibly condemning tens of thousands of innocent people to suffering and possible death. I also fear the long-term, unknown consequences of the virus in those who were infected and recovered, especially our young people, who now may be carrying a dormant virus that may cause damage in the future, in ways unknown to us, at a time of its choosing.

I have learned in my life that the first step in overcoming my fears is to have the courage to name them. By naming them, one by one, those fears exit the shadows of our lives where they can do the most harm and allows us, with the grace of God and the use of our reason, gifts, and talents, to forge ahead with a personal plan that will prevent those fears from overtaking our lives. Naming our fears also allows us to bring them to the feet of Jesus and to ask for His grace to overcome them.

What are your fears at this moment in your life? I invite you to share them with all who read this posting, so that together we can move ahead with God’s grace to confront and overcome them.

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