NBC Meteorologist Bob Maxon visits St. Rose’s virtual classroom

NEWTOWN—NBC Connecticut’s Meteorologist Bob Maxon visited St. Rose School students on Thursday, May 14 via Zoom for a weather lesson plus Q & A.

What better way for 3rd graders to kick off their unit about Weather and 6th, 8th graders to culminate their study of Weather, than to have a lesson with Meteorologist Bob Maxon?

More than 60 students plus some faculty participated in this engaging presentation. Mr. Maxon answered student questions that ranged from “What classes did you have to take in order to become a Meteorologist?”, What was the most intense weather event you have ever reported?” to “Why did it snow last Friday?”

Students sat in front of backdrops ranging from an aerial view of the earth to the Northern Lights, tropical beaches and depictions of the solar system. Mr. Maxon was attentive to every question and encouraged students to listen, read and “practice! practice! practice!” as they build toward their futures.

Kudos to Mrs. Zmek and Mrs. Petrillo for organizing this awesome lesson and preparing the students who were attentive, respectful and insightful. At the end of the lesson, in a special tribute to all front line workers, every student displayed a heart as an expression of THANKS then called out “Thank you’s” to Mr. Maxon who beamed, saying they made his day.

It was an exceptional and memorable experience for all.