Notre Dame Fairfield Begins 26 Acts of Kindness Campaign

FAIRFIELD—Notre Dame High School in Fairfield has begun its annual 26 Acts of Kindness campaign. Begun in the days following the tragedy in Sandy Hook in 2012, the campaign designates one act of kindness each school day over a six week period while remembering the lives lost in Newtown.

Acts include simple ways to show kindness such as “Say Good Morning”, “Be Kind to the Environment Day”, “Embrace Your Mistake Day”, and “Be Positive Day”. The campaign also includes a series of collections to benefit those in need in the local community. Items collected include: blankets/sleeping bags, diapers, new socks, toiletries, children’s books, canned goods and pet food.

The ND community also completes three letter writing campaigns during 26 Acts including “Thank a Soldier”, “Thank a First Responder” and “Thank a Teacher”. Letters are then mailed by the school to the designated recipients.

Principal Chris Cipriano, who started the campaign with the support of staff and students in 2012, commented, “Our goal is to spread kindness one act at a time. The belief is that what we do during these 26 days will last well beyond. Our world certainly needs as much goodness and kindness as it can get these days.”

A highlight of the 26 Acts of Kindness Campaign is ND Service Day, whick was held last Friday, November 9. More than 450 Notre Dame students, staff and parents fanned out across Fairfield, New Haven and Litchfield Counties completing a day of service to the local community. ND Service Day is celebrating its 10th anniversary this school year.

To view the full 26 Acts of Kindness calendar, visit:

Photo by Autumn Driscoll,