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Brazilian Catholic Community

Our mission is to bring our varied cultural gifts to the larger Catholic community and help grow the Kingdom of God.


Mass Times & Locations

Mon-Friday 7pm at the Pastoral Center
61 Liberty Street, Danbury

Sat 5pm at the Pastoral Center
61 Liberty Street, Danbury

Sat 7:30pm St. Peters Church Danbury

Sun 9am at the Pastoral Center
61 Liberty Street, Danbury

Sun 11am (ENGLISH) at the Pastoral Center
61 Liberty Street, Danbury

Sun 730 St. Peters Church, Danbury


  • Family Retreat (February)
  • Young Adults Retreat (March)
  • Pentecost Retreat (May)
  • Festa Junina (Parish Festival June)
  • Youth Retreat (September)
  • Our Lady Of Aparecida Retreat (October)
  • Mens Rosary Group Retreat (November)

Groups & Activities

Mothers Who Pray for Their Children
(Meet every Thursday at 8pm at the pastoral center)

Mens Rosary Group
(Meet every Monday at 8pm at the pastoral center)

Charismatic Renewal Group
(Meet every Tuesday at 8pm at the pastoral center)

Family Group

Young Adults Group 18-35
(Meet every other Friday at 8pm at the pastoral center)

Youth Group 12-17
(Meet every First Friday of the month at 8pm at the pastoral center)

Play Ministry
(Easter, Christmas plays)

Youth Choir / Adult Choir / Youth Altar Servers

Extraordinary Eucharist minister

Our Lady of Aparecida Quasi- Parish in Danbury/Bethel, Connecticut

Role of Episcopal Vicars
The role of Episcopal Vicars is defined in the Code of Canon Law, can. 476.
Following its spirit, in the Diocese of Bridgeport Episcopal Vicars are the Diocesan Bishop’s appointed personal representatives, each overseeing a diocese-wide initiative or serving the pastoral needs of an ethnic community or another specific group of persons. As such an Episcopal Vicar enters a two-way line of communication with the Diocesan Bishop and his office so the proper flow of information is maintained, and the Vicar’s positions are taken into consideration before any major decision is made regarding his entrusted ministry and his pertinent duties.

Episcopal Vicar for Brazilian Catholics
Today, Father Leonel Medeiros is the appointed Episcopal Vicar for Brazilian Catholics in the diocese. He is directly responsible for the sacramental life and ministry of the Brazilian-American Catholic Community Our Lady Aparecida Quasi-Parish in Danbury, CT, and oversees the priests and laity ministering to the needs of the Brazilian Catholic Community in Bridgeport, CT. Since he also administers Our Lady of Aparecida Catholic Community Center, unde this responsibility he be also the Community Center Director.

Community Description
The Brazilian-American Catholic Community Our Lady Aparecida has more than 1100 families officially registered, and many other families and individuals not yet registered but who help populate many exceptionally well-attended religious, social, and cultural events. It has many children, adolescents, and youth, and most of its adults are under 45 years of age.

The community is sustainable, solvent, and thriving, meets its obligations, and fulfills its responsibilities; it has the human talents it needs, eager to serve.

For over 27 years, the Our Lady of Aparecida has been stable as a Catholic community of faith and love, with many faithful in movements, services, pastoral ministries, and/or otherwise dedicated to the service of the Lord. Our Lady of Aparecida strives to meet members’ sacramental needs, forms, encourages, supports, sustains, and renews 28 vibrant pastoral ministries and service groups, promotes faith development, social gatherings, retreats, bible studies, lay leadership development, and delivers didactic themes.

Since its establishment on January 25, 2020, Our Lady of Aparecida Quasi-Parish has been able to celebrate daily and Sunday Masses at strategic times as it now have the full support of our Bishop Frank J. Caggiano. Our Lady of Aparecida Quasi- Parish has also acquired a new facility located at 42 Vail Rd. Bethel, CT 06801 to resolve its problem of enough and adequate space, which was also problem for the faithful to exercise fraternity, welcome one another and hone their Christian coexistence, share in social living, and discharge their responsibilities of praise, religious formation courses, and service to the needy. The need for more space came hand-in-hand with the need for administrative and financial autonomy to manage the elements and systems that support the community’s operation.

These 27 years have seen opportunities come and go. The Diocesan Capital Campaign has helped favorably in our direction with its many opportunities and challenges that the community is ready to embrace.

For over 17 years, Our Lady of Aparecida was part of St. Peter’s parish, the OLA Quasi- Parish had been relying on St. Peter’s church’s physical space since its inception. Then and currently Our Lady of Aparecida celebrates two Weekend Masses at St. Peter’s Church, namely, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 7:30pm
Our Lady Aaprecida has the Brazilian Community Center Our Lady of Aparecida, located at 61 Liberty Street, in Danbury, an example of an opportunity not squandered in these 25 years. There the community celebrates daily and weekend Masses and holds all meetings and activities of the 28 pastoral ministries and all community events and encounters and retreats. Thanks to the community’s due diligence, the building is in good overall condition. The Pastoral Center was a cherished asset that the community had the good judgment of buying and was kept for so long to provide for the needs of the Brazilian- American Catholic Community.

The Capital Campaign made possible the transference of the Brazilian Community Center Our Lady of Aparecida to an instituted Our Lady of Aparecida Quasi-Parish along with the acquisition and repurposing of the new property at 42 Vail Rd. Bethel, CT. Our Lady of Aparecida is in complete charge of directing the repurposing of the old Michael’s At The Grove reception Hall into a new Worship, offices and classrooms space and making financial and administrative decisions regarding both buildings, the area Brazilian-American Catholics are finally seeing the concretization of 27 years of service.

Our Lady of Aparecida Quasi- Parish is immensely grateful to St. Peter’s Parish for the help over these 20 years of partnership and work for the sake of the preaching of the Gostel and the Salvation of Souls.

Combined Duties: Diocesan Bishop’s Vicar for Brazilian Catholics/Our Lady Aparecida Quasi- Parish - Director

  • Provide for the sacramental life and ministry of Brazilian Catholics in the diocese, currently in Danbury/Bethel and in Bridgeport communities, and advocate for them with the diocesan leadership.
  • Assist in the pastoral planning for the Brazilian Ministry in the Diocese (especially the Our Lady of Aparecida Quasi- Parish pastoral plan, which is submitted every two years along with those of parishes with the Bishop’s approval).
  • Oversee the process of identifying and choosing new priests to serve in the Brazilian Ministry in the Diocese.
  • Oversee and advise all priests involved in the Brazilian Ministry in the Diocese, maintaining regular contact with them, and sharing concerns and challenges that arise, with the Diocesan leadership.
  • Write official invitation letters to clergy or lay persons to participate in any event in the Brazilian Ministry in the Diocese, ensuring that diocesan regulations and immigration laws are enforced and followed.
  • Plan community-wide events with lay leaders of Pastoral Ministries. There are 28 such ministries responsible for activities that include: Six(6) retreats every year, special occasion Masses, Ethnic celebration/gatherings, such as the Brazilian Festival in July and the New Years’s celebration; Formation of Lectors; Psalmists and Choirs; Permanent Formation of Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion; Formation of Pastoral Ministry Lay Leaders and Catechists; RCIA; Religious education and faith formation of the parents whose children are in religious education; Adolescents’ Encounter with Christ (EAC); Catholic Charismatic Renewal Prayer Group (GOVES); African Missionary Initiative ( NAMPULA, MOZAMBIQUE), Young Adults Youth Group ( JOVENS SEM FROTEIRA); Altar Servers; Mother’s Prayer Group ( Mães que Oram pelos Filhos); Family Pastoral Ministry ( Marriage Encounter with 12 active groups)
  • Represent the Brazilian Community in the Council of Vicars and in any meetings in the surrounding areas and Northeast Region
  • Organize the community for pilgrimages and other proper religious events.
  • Celebrate six (6) daily Masses and five (5) weekend Masses.
  • Celebrates Baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other liturgical services in both English and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Visits homebound and sick of the Brazilian-American Catholic community.
  • Advise, counsel, teach and guide the spiritual formation of all Pastoral Ministries.
  • Oversee all Our Lady of Aparecida’s administrative and financial matters
  • Prepare and maintain Our Lady of Aparecida’s budget, overseeing its bank account, accountable to the Diocese of Bridgeport.
  • Oversee Brazilian Community entries in the official parochial and Diocesan calendar to avoid conflicts
  • Assist in parish-wide liturgical, social, and fundraising activities.
  • Provide time for spiritual guidance and emergency situations as needed.
  • Our lady of Aparecida Quasi- Parish is always available to help families or individuals who need any letters for specific situations such as Court and immigration.
  • Perform other ministry-related tasks deemed necessary and/or assigned by the diocese.
  • Contact Us

    Pastoral Center (61 Liberty Street Danbury)
    Office Hours
    Secretary Maruska (bilingual)
    Mon-Friday 3-7pm
    Sat 8am-1pm

    Parish of Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church