Perpetual Profession is Moment of Joy

TRUMBULL—Faithful from around the Diocese of Bridgeport came together last Saturday to celebrate the Perpetual Profession of Maria del Pilar (Mapi) Cerdeña Perochena at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Trumbull.

The beautiful day began with the Mass of Profession, celebrated by Bishop Frank J. Caggiano, in which Mapi promised to live her life in full availability to the apostolate within the Marian Community of Reconciliation (Fraternas).

In his homily, Bishop Frank extended the challenge to live radical availability to everyone in attendance.

“To live what you believe is discipleship. It is the challenge Christ gives us in Baptism: to become His image in the world, and to fulfill God’s will for His people.” Becoming that image of Christ, fulfilling his will for his people, is fundamentally connected to mercy and reconciliation, said Bishop Frank

“We cannot live fully and completely what we believe, unless we become a people of reconciliation and mercy.”

In her profession, Mapi committed herself to a life of reconciliation, mercy, and  intense discipleship.

Mapi gave her “yes” to the Lord’s call for the rest of her life in the presence of Bishop Frank,  Alejandra Keen, the Superior General of the Fraternas, and  her sisters in the Marian Community of Reconciliation; as well as family, friends, and colleagues,

Through her “yes,” Mapi will embark on this journey of discipleship in a new way, striving to live a life of intentional reconciliation and mercy.

Those in attendance noted how beautiful it was to participate in this moment of grace in Mapi’s life—and in the life of the whole community!

Two hundred and fifty people from across the Diocese, including High School Apostles and Convivio participants, alumni, volunteers, and parents attended the ceremony.

The Bishop has asked all to continue to pray in joy and thanksgiving for Mapi as she begins this new stage in her life, this stage of radical availability to living discipleship, reconciliation, and mercy.

Congratulations, Mapi and the Fraternas!