“The Power of One Day” Convivio High School Congress 2015

FAIRFIELD—With the synod underway, 2015 is a landmark year in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Contributing to the uniqueness of this year, Convivio, the annual Catholic youth conference, was held on one day this year, rather than the three days it has been in the past.

Convivio took place on March 7 at Sacred Heart University. This year’s theme was “The Power of One Day.” As an extraordinary benefit, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano was present with us for most of the day! For those unfamiliar with Convivio, the day consists of many activities which aim to increase our relationship with the Lord. Inspirational talks are given throughout the day, which serves to reinforce the theme that one day can make a drastic difference. There are also sacramental opportunities such as Reconciliation, Eucharistic Adoration, and Mass with Bishop Caggiano.

The theme of Convivio especially resonates this year, for it reiterates the importance of what just one day can do. We are shown many times in the Bible, especially with the Apostles, that one day can make a major difference in a person’s life. Jesus called people away from their daily lives and told them to follow him. Because of this one day, their lives were completely changed. Convivio offers such a potential to change you. At Convivio, you encounter Christ many times throughout the day, perhaps most palpably during Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. Each encounter you have deepens your relationship with him.

Speaking from personal experience, I can greatly assure you that these encounters are lasting and they change you for the better. I have learned much from each of the two Convivios I have attended, and at each one I have encountered Christ in a unique way. I experienced this again.

Convivio is only the beginning of opportunities you can partake in to expand your relationship with the Lord. There are extensions of Convivio such as the “Christmas Extravaganza,” a party for special needs children in our diocese. We were also introduced to the High School Apostles program. This leadership program allows youths to continue their service to the Lord by leading Confirmation Retreats throughout the diocese and meeting once a month to discuss and reflect on the faith.

As we are all aware, an incredible amount can happen in one day; one day can completely change your life. We allowed Convivio to be that day, and we all felt a deeper relationship with God by the time the day is over.

Convivio is a fun opportunity that allows Catholic youth to connect, make friends, and grow closer to Jesus. A person’s life can change in a matter of seconds; imagine all the opportunities for change this one day offered.