Pray for Peace Walk

10th Annual Fairfield County Pray-For-Peace Walk

Since 2008, Al has hosted numerous Pray-for-Peace Walks covering more than 4,000 miles. Hundreds have participated and thousands received the Pray-for-Peace Message.

Recently, on June 30th, 50 of Prayer Walkers wearing PRAY-4-PEACE shirts walked from Grand Central Station to Yankee Stadium for a Yankee/Red Sox game.

Catholic NY published an article about our latest walk.
Prayers for Peace Along New York City Streets  |  Catholic New York

Al’s Story

No God – No Peace
Know God – Know Peace

I’m 75, father of three and grandfather of nine. I would like our world to be a better place for my children and grandchildren.

I believe in Prayer and Praying-for-Peace. When we all pray for peace, there will be peace. Peace in ourselves and our families… Peace in our neighborhoods and cities… Peace in our country and in our world.

Thirty years ago, if someone asked me “Do you believe in God?” I would have said “yes”.

I go to Mass and Communion every Sunday and on Holy Days. I received all the sacraments and all my children received all their sacraments. I supported the Church and volunteered on occasion. My two sons went to Catholic High School and I volunteered there and was an officer in the Parent School Association. You see, I believe in God. But, if I was asked, “what difference does believing in God make in your life. I wouldn’t have had an answer.

My life was a mess. I felt like a LOSER, No! —big self-inflicted challenges. Big financial problems, a marriage was going south big time and losing jobs. I was lost. Full of fear and anxiety. My then wife must have been full of anxiety also. But, I was so self-centered and self-absorbed, I was only concerned about myself and my feeling of being a loser. A huge knot in my solar plexus. No God in my life. No God—No Peace. And, drinking too much, much too much. I had no idea I was drinking to much or how that was effecting my life. A big self-inflicted challenge.

By the grace of God, my parish priest and Catholic Family Services, I was lead to a 12 step program, and eventually stopped drinking. Early on at a 12 step meeting, a woman shared that she Prayed Every Day. That woman looked and sounded better than me. That was the day I began to pray everyday.

I’ve been in a 12 Step Program for almost 30 years and gone to thousands of meetings. Every meeting I’ve ever been at ends in a prayer. Step 11 of the 12 steps says, “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out”. I’ve seen prayer at work.

Hundreds of peoples lives have been changed. They, like me, have come out of the grips of their addictions, out of despair, out of hopelessness and meaningless lives. Their lives were changed—no transformed and now they lead productive, useful and joyous lives. Prayer has worked in their lives.

Praying every day, hanging around people who believe in God and pray, going to meetings and going to Mass and Communion frequently, gradually changed me. Slowly very slowly.

The knot in my solar plexus went away, never to show up again. Prayer worked for me.

I believe in God’s Graces and Prayer.

I believe, if we all pray for peace, there would be peace… Peace in ourselves and our families… Peace in our neighborhoods and our cities… Peace in our country and in our world.

I would not have walked over 4,000 miles wearing PRAY-4-PEACE shirts, personally handed out more than 60,000 Pray-for-Peace Cards and organized numerous walks that hundreds have participated in, if I didn’t believe in Pray and Praying For Peace.

Prayer is working for me and working for many of us. Maybe, we, you and me, should Pray more frequently. There lots of ways to pray. Find the way(s) that work best for you. My personally best Prayer is “God make me more frequently aware of You in my daily life”. God is answering that prayer as I am writing.

If prayer is good and better than Coca-Cola, why is it not marketed more than Coca-Cola.

I’ve come to believe that we, you and me, are the best marketers for PRAYER but we keep it a secret. We belong to fellowship of Prayers Anonymous. Pew Research said that 70% of us pray. You would never know it.

I used to believe that if people saw us wearing Pray-4-Peace shirts, they might pray or think about praying. Now I believe, it is more important that they see we pray. If we get one person to say one more prayer, that’s a miracle. That person like you and me will get closer to God.

God could use our help. Pray… Pray for Peace… Pray for our 10th Annual Fairfield County Pray-For-Peace Walk on September 9th.

By praying for the walk you are participating in the walk. Join us for part or all of the walk. Information on attached flier.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s letter of support