Praying for an End to Abortion

BRIDGEPORT—“How can we change a culture? It’s through the grace of the Holy Spirit that we will change the culture in which we find ourselves,” said Bishop Frank J. Caggiano in opening his homily at the March for Life Mass on Thursday, January 23. That simple question, he said, is “precisely why we are here.”

On the eve of the annual March for Life, scores of faithful from the Diocese of Bridgeport gathered at St. Augustine’s Cathedral in Bridgeport to pray for an end to abortion and for blessings on the pilgrims traveling to the March in Washington, D.C. the following morning. This Mass gave those unable to attend the event at the capital the opportunity to unite with others in prayer and community to end what the bishop called a “culture of death.”

Joined by members of the Knights of Columbus along with priests and deacons from the Diocese, Bishop Caggiano celebrated the first ever March for Life Mass, sponsored by the Respect Life Office.

“We must pray for a culture of life,” the bishop said. “Every life has value beyond measure. With every word we speak, every action we take, and every attitude we have, we will chip away at this culture. We must end this scourge and sin of abortion.”

To accomplish this shift, the bishop reminded the congregation to see reverence in all, from pregnant women considering abortion to immigrants and refugees seeking shelter to the sick, the handicapped, and all who suffer.

“There is dignity in every life,” Bishop Caggiano said. “We must stand with life in all its forms, in solidarity and love. We must not let our attitudes betray our words. There is so much we can do.”

After blessing the pilgrims on their journey to Washington, the bishop thanked them for bearing witness to our Catholic faith and being an example of those who desire justice and dignity.

Such a journey, said Maureen Ciardiello of the Respect Life Office, is “inspiring, prayerful, and joyful. Once people go, they are more motivated to help and join in. This is such an important issue, and we acknowledge it here in community.”

In addition to the national March for Life in Washington, D.C., the Connecticut March for Life will take place at the State Capitol in Hartford on Wednesday, April 15. Bishop Caggiano encouraged attendance at this event as well, adding, “It is important to come out in numbers. Don’t be discouraged. We can make that change. How? With one word, one action, and one attitude at a time.”

By Emily Clark