Praying For Our Confirmandi

The following reflection on thankfulness originally appeared on Bishop Frank Caggiano’s Facebook page. Follow the Bishop for daily reflections and weekly videos! 

Last weekend I visited St. Aloysius Parish in New Canaan, to confirm 162 young people. They joined over 3,000 young women and men who will be confirmed in our parishes throughout the Diocese this year.

The sacrament of Confirmation gives to its recipient an outpouring of the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, so that the person can witness to his or her discipleship in Christ with the seven fold gifts of God’s life. It is the sacrament of Baptism that is being confirmed, fortifying every confirmandi to stand firm in faith, grow in hope and become a person of Christian charity in the world.

I pray every day for all those that I have confirmed over the years, because it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to follow Christ in a world that tempts them to seek pleasure, self-satisfaction, material wealth and division. These temptations only lead to anxiety, fear and isolation. I ask that you join me in this prayer each day. Let us offer our confirmandi both our spiritual help, as well as our authentic witness, so that they can live the sacrament that they are receiving.