Presidents and First Ladies Grace St. Joseph School with Their Presence

BROOKFIELD—Recently, first and second graders at St. Joseph School celebrated Presidents Day in a very real way. Instead of filling out piles of worksheets about the various U.S. Presidents and First Ladies, first and second graders at St. Joseph School each chose a President or First Lady to research.

With the guidance of first grade teacher Jeanne Vitetta and second grade teacher Diane Thompson, the young students, together with their “buddies” from the upper grades, researched facts and fun stories about and made life-size figures of their historical figure of choice.

To culminate the unit, first and second graders came to school dressed up as the President or First Lady that they had studied, and were interviewed by their buddies. Presidents in attendance at SJS included Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. First Ladies who visited included Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Nancy Reagan.