Presidents respond to students’ letters

TRUMBULL—This year, the middle school and fourth grade students at St. Theresa School honored those who dedicated their lives to our nation on Veterans Day. This is the third year that the students had been involved in the project, which was initiated by middle school theology teacher John Agostino. The students dedicated a large portion of their day to learning about our nation’s veterans.

They focused on several veterans, including individuals who stopped their professional careers in order to defend our nation. Then they wrote Veterans Day cards to thank them for their service. “Each year, we select several veterans to write to in order to show our appreciation for all they have done for us. This year, President Bush and President Carter were two of the veterans that were chosen for the activity,” explained Agostino.

These veterans included baseball legends Edward Charles “Whitey” Ford and Dr. Bobby Brown, who stopped their careers to serve in the Korean War. They also wrote to World War II veteran Burke Waldron who recently represented all of the veterans of World War II by throwing out a ceremonial first pitch at a Seattle Mariner’s baseball game. In addition, they also wrote to two United States presidents, George Bush and Jimmy Carter, who each served in the war prior to becoming the Commander in Chief.

The students were thrilled to receive replies from both presidents and the other veterans they had chosen. President Bush also provided the students with some advice. He stated, “As young citizens and future leaders, you also have an importune role to play for our country. I encourage you all to study hard in school, reach out to those in need, and never doubt that you can make a difference.”

This project has become one that the students look forward to each year, as it teaches them about the importance of veterans and their contributions to our nation after they have fulfilled their call to duty.