Reflecting on the Example of St. Joseph

The following reflection on St. Joseph originally appeared on Bishop Frank Caggiano’s Facebook page. Follow the Bishop for daily reflections and weekly videos throughout this sacred season!

As we celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, today is also the fifth anniversary of the installation of Pope Francis as the Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church and Successor of Saint Peter. I ask that you keep the Holy Father in your prayers in a special way today, as he leads the Church through these turbulent and difficult times.

It seems to me that one of the greatest obstacles we face as a Church is not hostility but indifference to the faith. The same is true for those who are leaving the Church, since many are not hostile to what we believe. They simply no longer “care to care” about faith. It is a difficult position to find ourselves in, since indifference also implies a passivity and lack of engagement that is very hard to overcome.

What is the most effective way to battle indifference? It seems to me that Saint Joseph’s example of courageous conviction, quiet witness and pursuit of true holiness is the answer. In an age where we say a lot and do very little, Saint Joseph did all that was asked of him quietly. To him was given the protection of the Holy Family and the entire Church. He was given this singular responsibility because Saint Joseph lived a courageous, authentic and holy life.

In the end, if we wish to invite those who are indifferent back into the life of the Church, a true pursuit of personal holiness is the most effective way to do so.