Rite of Election Begins Lifelong Journey of Faith

TRUMBULL— “A loving and merciful God wants to lead us to greatness that has nothing to do with us,” Bishop Frank Caggiano told more than 250 men, women and young people who are preparing for full communion with the Church at Easter.

More than one thousand faithful including sponsors, family members and friends filled St. Theresa Church, the largest in the diocese, to near capacity for the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion service celebrated this afternoon in Trumbull.

“Thank you for saying, yes, and allowing Jesus to change your life,” the bishop said, cautioning those in attendance not to be impressed with themselves and their own achievements. “The truth is we can do nothing without Jesus.”

During the service, each catechumen (non-baptized person) and candidate (those who were baptized but did not receive further sacraments) is invited to come forward and be welcomed by the Bishop in an act of recognition and admission.

With an emphasis on the need for preparation and readiness, the bishop urged all to continue to grow in the faith and deepen their understanding of God’s gifts to them.

“This is a journey not just to Easter, but to months and years ahead,” the bishop said to those seeking a life of faith and service. “You deserve to be sealed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to have a place at the Lord’s Eucharistic table.”

In his homily reflecting on the temptation of Jesus in the Gospel passage (Luke 4:1-13), the bishop said it was important not only to root out our own sinfulness and weaknesses during Lent, but also to “recognize, celebrate and give back to Jesus your strengths and talents.”

This liturgical rite, traditionally held on the first Sunday of Lent, is part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process. It closes the period of formation and marks the beginning of the period of final preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation at Easter.

This year, 36 parishes sent candidates and catechumens to the Rite of Election Ceremony. St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Bridgeport has the highest number of people enrolled in its RCIA program with 47 candidates and 17 catechumens.

Rose Talbot-Babey, coordinator of Religious Education, read the names of each elect from the pulpit and called the catechumens, accompanied by their Godparents, to meet the Bishop and to sign the “Book of Election,” signifying their interest in joining the Church.

The Presentation of Candidates followed the welcoming of Catechumens. Candidates were accompanied by their priests and pastors as well as sponsors, who were asked to affirm them in unison.

Prayers and readings were said in both English and Spanish, and the Church was filled with applause at the conclusion of each rite.

Fr. Luke Suarez served as Master of Ceremonies. Music was provided by Dr. Carolina Flores, director of Music of St. Theresa Parish, and St. Theresa cantor Ava Wing.

In his closing remarks, The bishop thanked Fr. Brian Gannon, Pastor of St. Theresa parish, and all pastors and priests who accompanied those preparing to enter the Church.

After the ceremony long lines formed to personally greet the bishop, with many family members and friends taking photos on the joyful occasion.

(For more information regarding RCIA and Adult Formation, contact Rose Talbot-Babey, Coordinator of Religious Education: 203.416.1648 or

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