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Disclosure of Settlements Paid

Disclosure of Settlements Paid


Updates to Financial Report

The Diocese will issue an annual update to the settlements paid as a result of allegations of sexual abuse of minors as a part of the Financial Report issued on November 1, 2018. The first annual update will be issued by November 30, 2019.

Appendix 3: Clergy On Whose Behalf Settlements Were Paid

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Credibly Accused Clergy with diocesan assignments (unless noted) on whose behalf settlements were paid regarding an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor

Kiernan Ahearn
Henry Albeke
Jose Daniel Alberran
Alfred Bietighofer
Stanley Bonaszek (Maryknoll)
Lawrence Brett
Charles Carr
John Castaldo
Walter Coleman
Joseph Deshan
William Donovan
Martin Federici
William J. Fletcher
James Gay
William Genuario
James Gildea
Joseph Gorecki
Richard Grady
Sherman Gray
Lawrence Jensen (Eparchy of St Maron)*
Bartholomew J. Laurello
Albert McGoldrick
Francis McKenna
Joseph Moore
Robert Morrissey
Gavin O’Connor
Raymond Pcolka
Charles Stubbs
Vincent Veich

*Not a diocesan priest or a visiting priest in the Diocese; however, Diocese named in lawsuit and cooperated with Eparchy in settlement in 2019 due to location of Maronite Parish within the Diocese of Bridgeport.

In the cases of the clergy listed below, a settlement was paid without a determination of credibility of the accusation. The settlement may have been paid as part of a larger global settlement, or for administrative efficiency purposes without there being a finding of credibility

Stanislaus Chmura
Mark Grimes
Joseph Kettner (LaSalette)
George Maslar (Franciscan)
Joseph Malloy
Robert Post*
Martin Ryan
John Sansonetti
Robert Valentine
Frank Wissel

*Settlement amount paid by Christian Brothers as a part of bankruptcy of Christian Brothers