St. Catherine of Siena sponsors “Be The Good” Kindness Campaign

TRUMBULL—Families from the parish and school at St. Catherine of Siena in Trumbull are excited to participate in their second annual “Be The Good” kindness campaign this Lent.  Each family is asked to perform random acts of kindness out in the community between now and Easter. With each act of kindness, a kindness card is shared. The hope is that the recipient will then pass along the card, with their own act of kindness.

“With each kind act, we will not only spread goodness, but we hope that it will inspire others to pay it forward with their own kind acts,” says Lindsay Tristine, who is the parish’s Director of Religious Education and originator of this program.  If each kind act, done with love, is a moment that can change the world, then 5 acts of kindness for each of the 400 families in the program would mean 2,000 moments that can help change our community. And if the recipients of those kind acts pay it forward, the reach could go well beyond that.

Even the smallest acts of love can make a big difference. “It doesn’t matter what the act is, it’s the kindness behind it,” says Mrs. Tristine. “When we are kind to others, we never fully know the positive impact it can make. We may inspire hope in someone who was feeling hopeless and that can change the world for them. We are doing this during Lent because Lent is a special time to prepare ourselves for Easter, when we try our best to be who we were made to be.”

The name of the program is called “Be the Good” because, as Mrs. Tristine explains, “We are all called to ‘Be the Good’ in this world:  to be God’s eyes, ears, hands and feet to do good works and to spread His love.” It is no secret that the world today is in great need of God’s goodness. During Lent, we are going to spread goodness by doing simple acts of kindness for others in our community. We are going to take the time to be kind.

St. Catherine of Siena invites everyone to think about how they might “Be the Good” in their own families and communities. You might just be the inspiration of hope that someone needed, a reminder that it is good in the world.  And while you’re out and about this Lent, you might just be the recipient of an act of kindness. If that happens, pay it forward. After all, kindness is contagious.

(For information, please contact the Parish Office at 203.377.3133.)

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