Saying “Yes” to God

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On January 5th a group of “strangers” and I embarked on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and our lives were forever changed. Each stop was more breathtaking and moving than the next.

When January 13th came along, and It was time for the trip to end, the “strangers” I had only met once before the trip were now my close friends. A lot of us were in denial of that fact we were going home and spent the majority of the 12 hour flight stopping by each others seats, talking about how we would adjust to our normal lives when we got home.

What we are all realizing now is, though the trip is over, each of our journeys are just beginning. We have to figure out how to live out the Gospel in our day to day lives.

Something we all talked about right before we left is we are in the same spot, physically and mentally, that the disciples were in. They had to figure out what they were going to do next. They had to get the courage to step out and be the witness’ they were called to be, which is exactly what my fellow Pilgrims and I are called to do right now.

If the disciples were able to say, “Yes.” to God and carry out the word, I pray we find that same strength within ourselves to say, “Yes” to God every day.

By: Marcelle Morrisey, Recent Young Adult Holy Land Pilgrim