St. Aloysius youth pray for Teddy Balkind

NEW CANAAN—“We’re here to pray,” said Father Rob Kinnally at a service and rosary held in St. Aloysius Church to pray for Teddy Balkind and his family.

“Prayer draws us closer to the God who has always loved and cared for Teddy and will continue to do so. Praying as a community reminds us that God is in our midst and will walk with us in our pain,” Father Kinnally said.

The St. Luke’s School sophomore lost his life in a tragic accident after being fatally injured in a hockey game against Brunswick School in Greenwich. Families around New Canaan placed hockey sticks outside their doors on Friday.

The hour-long service was led by teen rosary leaders and included messages of comfort and music.

“Teddy and his family are members of our community, and our hearts are broken,” Father Kinnally told the Connecticut Post. “We gathered to pray for Teddy, his family and for all who mourn his passing.”

Father Kinnally said he was comforted to see the more than 400 young people in St. Aloysius Parish and their prayerful act of solidarity during a time of loss and grief.