St. Mark School Surprises Principal

STRATFORD—An ordinary day at St. Mark School was turned into an extraordinary day for principal, Donna Wuhrer. Through creative and heart-warming activities, the faculty and students at St. Mark School paid a special, surprise tribute to their principal. At morning assembly, the faculty presented her with a tiara and declared the day as “We Love Mrs. Wuhrer Day.”

In an effort to show their principal just how much they appreciate her, they decorated her office with balloons and streamers and lined the walls with displays of posters and heart-shaped love notes from every St. Mark student. Each student from Pre-K to Grade 8 personally expressed the special qualities that they treasure most about their principal. Throughout the day, Mrs. Wuhrer was invited to visit with each grade level so they could present to her their own unique salute: ranging from presentations of rehearsed songs and dances, creative writings, choral readings, artwork and poetry. At lunch, she was escorted into the faculty room to find a perfect table setting of fine china and a pink rose adorning a gourmet hot lunch, compliments of the Home School Association. Lunch was a special treat, as this was her first opportunity all school year to sit and eat with fellow faculty members. She usually covers lunch duty with the students but on this special day she enjoyed eating lunch with the first shift of teachers and dessert with the second shift.

Wuhrer told the students, “This is one of the best days of my life!” Overwhelmed with joy, she said to the faculty, “Someone once told me that I would have many children but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have 230!” Fourth grade teacher, Janet Rodriguez, then reminded her “Don’t forget your adult children too,” implying that the faculty and staff also regard her as a maternal figure.