St. Serra Vocations Ministry September Newsletter

Message from our Leadership

Dear Fellow Serrans and Followers,

When my wife, Anita, and I travel to Rhode Island, we often attend a church in Bradford, only 10 minutes from our house there. The church is St. Vincent de Paul parish. For all of the times that we have attended Mass there,

I have never known much about the history of this saint….whose feast day is the 27th of this month. I decided to learn. Continue reading →

From The Editor

This months edition is focused on Priesthood Sunday. Say a Prayer for your Priests. Continue reading →

Igniting the Faithful Atarts with a Spark

Welcome to the Serra Promotion And Resource Kit (SPARK!) Brought to you by the U.S. Council of Serra International. SPARK is a free online collection of best-practices tools in religious vocation ministries-as curated from parishes, dioceses, and religious orders around North America. Continue reading →

Deacon Daves Corner

Jesus told the crowd that anyone who wants to be His disciple needs to renounce their possessions. Too many limit His command to their material possessions which is too narrow of an understanding of what Jesus is asking of us. Continue reading →

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