Statement of Bishop Frank J. Caggiano on Release of McCarrick Report

Today, the Holy See has published its report on the institutional knowledge and decision-making process related to former Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick, prepared by the Vatican Secretariat of State by mandate of Pope Francis.

The 460-page report will receive intensive review in the coming days, and I believe, based on the 12-page summary, that it will prove to be another important step forward in the Church’s long struggle to confront the crimes of sexual abuse by clergy including Bishops and Cardinals.

At this time, my thoughts and prayers are first and foremost with all victims and survivors of sexual abuse, especially those who suffered at the hands of the former Cardinal McCarrick. I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering that you and your families have endured.

I also wish to reiterate my fierce and enduring commitment to continue to address this crisis and attack this evil in our midst. Our Diocese is currently implementing the final recommendations from the Independent Accountability Investigation conducted by Judge Robert Holzberg, and I hope to issue an update soon. Early last week, I promulgated a new Safe Environment Handbook, which incorporates the Judge’s recommendations and can be found on the diocesan website:

Lastly, I am working with a team of dedicated and faithful survivors of sexual abuse, many of whom I am blessed to call friends, on this year’s Service on Hope and Healing, which I hope to share details on shortly.

We remain committed to Safe Environments through verifiable policies, practices, and oversight that safeguards all children and vulnerable adults. I pledge that we will continue to move forward together in the solidarity of faith, a commitment to absolute accountability and transparency, and in the spirit of hope, and we will renew the Church.