Survivors of Clerical Sexual Abuse Share Their Stories in Two Powerful Videos

BRIDGEPORT—In support of the upcoming Healing Mass and the ongoing work of healing in the diocese, members of The Committee for Healing have participated in a video project produced at Sacred Heart University in association with the Safe Environments Office of the Diocese of Bridgeport.

The videos were directed by SHU graduate student Louis McDaniel and taped at the Martire Communications Centers studio over the summer.

The two videos offer a hopeful look at what the group and diocese have done to address victims and prevent further abuse, but also explore the pain, and ongoing suffering victims have felt as they come to terms with abuse in their own lives and work and seek to protect others.

Appearing in the videos are Peter Philipp, Peggy Fry, Barbara Oleynick, James DiVasto, all of whom experienced abuse as children and teens.

The short video, “Looking forward in hope,” offers a positive look at the reconciliation now under way in the diocese. The longer video, “A conversation on abuse,” explores the full range of feelings, challenges and hopes of those who have suffered from sexual abuse.

The moving and authentic testimony of the speakers gives an insight into their lifelong struggles with abuse, their personal courage, and their compassion. It is a major step forward in the reconciliation process for the diocese.

The Healing Mass is set for Sunday October 29, 2:00 pm in St. Anthony of Padua Church in Fairfield. It is open to all.


A Conversation About Hope and Healing (Short Video)

A Conversation About Hope and Healing (Long Video)