New digital media initiative calls youth to ask, watch, and witness

BRIDGEPORT—The Diocese of Bridgeport has launched “The Face of Prayer 2.0” an online video catechism based on the questions and concerns young people have about the Church and their faith.

The newly designed website and video catechism went live on September 8, 2018, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It builds off of the initial social media and web-based campaign that brings together social media, text alerts, and the power of prayer.

“Many young people have questions about the faith that they haven’t fully found answers to. To truly fall in love with the Lord and to walk with Him as a disciple, it is very natural to have those questions. So, over the last few months, myself, and my collaborators in this project, have spent time answering the five hundred questions that have been submitted,” said Bishop Caggiano.

All are invited to ask, watch, and witness to the faith using the website as a tool to for catechesis and evangelization. On the site, people can submit their questions via video or text, watch interactive videos within the growing video library, and pray along with over two thousand people each day by texting PRAY to 55778 to subscribe to the daily text alert.

“The goal of this next phase is to create an online catechetical resource for young people and the adults that are called to guide them. Each video is two to three minutes long and contains additional resources for viewers to enter into a deeper understanding of the answer provided. These resources are embedded directly into the videos in order to keep young people safely on one site,” said Emma Ryder, Coordinator of The Face of Prayer.

The project was designed with teachers, catechists, and youth ministers in mind as well. On the site, ministers and educators can find concrete ways in which they can incorporate The Face of Prayer into their ministry and/or classroom.

The bishop said his goal is to be of service and to answer whatever questions the faithful have in their hearts, so that all can go forward with courage to follow the Lord, Jesus. He invites all who seek answers to reflect on the videos that have already been posted and to ask follow up questions as they arise.

Questions are answered by bishops, priests, religious brothers and sisters, and lay leaders in diocese across the country.

Ryder said that parents can be assured the Diocese is following all Child Protection guidelines to ensure a safe environment and acquiring parental consent where necessary.

For more information, please visit the website: or email

  • The Face of Prayer began on Divine Mercy Sunday 2017 as a text and selfie campaign in an effort to combine the power of social media and the power of prayer
  • Every day an intention is sent out via text message – to date over 2 million prayers have been prayed. Text PRAY or a Selfie to 55778
  • Bishop Frank J. Caggiano made the intentional shift to create a video catechism based on the questions and concerns of young people.
  • This national campaign has collected over 500 questions to be answered by Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, and lay leaders of the Church
  • The growing video library went live on September 8 – with over 140 questions answered by 18 catechists (
  • Videos are interactive with additional resources to engage viewers and help them to dive deeper into the answers – there are also challenge, reflection, and quiz questions at the end of the videos