The Waiting is Nearly Over!

BRIDGEPORT— In this joyous video, diocesan Social Media Leader John Grosso takes us for a one-minute trip around the diocese during the past week as the faithful prepared for Christmas.

You’ll hear the Diocesan Youth Choir sing, and share in the happiness and joy of our school children as they participate in Nativity pageants in schools and parishes.

As you make final preparations for the celebration of Christmas, it is helpful to reflect on Bishop Frank Caggiano’s Facebook reflection:

“My favorite Christmas hymn is “What Child is this?” Among its words are: “This, this is Christ the Lord, whom shepherds guard and angels sing.” We can ask: Have I made Christ the Lord of every aspect of my life? Am I willing to witness to him, even when I am mocked, as the shepherds were? The same hymn says: “Let loving hearts enthrone him.” Does the Christ Child find a throne in your heart and mine every day of the year?

We must never forget that in every moment of our lives, we allow someone or something to sit on the throne of our heart. In the end, if it is not Christ who sits on that throne, it will make no difference who or what takes His place. For it is only the babe of Bethlehem who can lead us everlasting life.