Update on Bishop Caggiano

(Read the original announcement published December 30, 2020.)

Earlier this week the Diocese announced that Bishop Frank J. Caggiano had tested positive for Covid-19 after his regular weekly test of December 28. Consistent with CDC guidelines, he immediately went into quarantine and pursued follow-up testing.

The Bishop learned on Friday, however, that the results of his follow-up Covid test (taken on Wednesday, December 30) were negative. This follow-up test was a PCR test and not a rapid test. The antibody test he also took on Wednesday showed no antibodies to the virus.

The Bishop will retake the PCR test on Monday and hopes to get a second negative result. That result should be available on Wednesday. If that test is negative, the Bishop plans to return to public ministry next weekend. While he awaits the results, he will follow CDC guidelines by continuing his 10-day quarantine after the initial positive test.

The Bishop is committed to protecting others and setting an example about the importance of testing and quarantining. He feels well, has no symptoms and is very grateful for the prayers and well wishes he has received from many people. He also asks for prayers for all those who have lost a loved one and those who are currently afflicted with the virus.