“We Stand with Christ” Video Testimonies of Faith

BRIDGEPORT—The Diocese has launched a video series to support the “We Stand with Christ” Capital Campaign that was publicly announced in January.

Beginning with the release of this week’s video, “We Stand with Children,” Catholics throughout the diocese will be seen on camera delivering both personal and powerful testimonies of their faith experience and commitment to “Stand with Christ” by standing alongside those in need in the diocese.

The $75 million “We Stand With Christ” campaign is designed to continue the work of renewal and strengthen the Church for future generations. In addition to support parishes throughout the diocese, the campaign will also fund foundations in education, charity and faith.

“We stand with Christ when we stand with our neighbor, whoever that neighbor may be, in whatever need they may have,” says Bishop Frank J. Caggiano in a video announcing the new video series. “We feed Christ, we clothe Christ, we visit Christ, we are with Christ in his moments of sickness and suffering precisely when we stand with our neighbor, who together form his presence in the world.”

The bishop said he is deeply grateful to the men and women who have appeared in the video and to all those who have already participated in the campaign.

“You and I will have the opportunity to hear some beautiful and powerful testimony from our own sisters and brothers, with whom we have stood in their time of need, loving them, and by loving them, loving Christ. I invite you to watch these vignettes and allow them to speak to your heart, as they have spoken to my heart.”

The bishop also directly challenges people to give sacrificially and take responsibility for each other by participating in the campaign.

“As this campaign moves forward, you and I are going to be asked to make a choice, with whom shall we stand? Let us together stand with the Lord, by standing with our neighbor, one person at a time.”

The series of 24, 90-second videos will accompany the capital campaign through the month of June. The first group of videos was filmed last week at St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport, which provides a dramatic and sacred backdrop to the testimony of the speakers.

Filmmaker Brian Russell of Fairfield, who directed the “We Stand with Christ” capital campaign launch video, is producing the vignettes. The remaining videos will be shot in locations across Fairfield County.

“Participating in the filming has been humbling and inspiring,” said John Grosso, Director of Digital Media for the diocese. “It is an honor and privilege to record the faithful witness of so many men and women who live their faith and stand with Christ by standing with their neighbor,” said Grosso who is coordinating the series.

Grosso said that upcoming videos including comments on standing with the aged, the abused, and the vulnerable, will include a speaker sharing a bit about his or her own story, the ministry or program they support and what it means for the diocese to “stand” with them. Bishop Caggiano will also reflect on each video in his upcoming social media posts.

The vignettes are part of a Communications campaign to share how we can stand with Christ, our Church in Bridgeport, and with each other. They are posted every Thursday on Bishop Frank’s Facebook, and every Saturday on the Diocese of Bridgeport Facebook.

The “We Stand with Christ” capital campaign has already raised almost $50 million from Leadership Gifts and ten parishes that have participated in the pilot program, making it the largest and most successful campaign in the 64-year history of the diocese. Throughout the coming months, people throughout the diocese will be asked to make their pledge to the campaign.

With its objective of strengthening local parishes to encourage a vibrant Catholic life, the campaign will designate 50% of the funds raised, an estimated $37.5 million, for parish needs.

The remaining 50% will be invested in three major foundations: Foundations in Education ($12.5 million), Foundations in Faith ($15 million), and Foundations in Charity ($10 million). Each of the Foundations has its own Board of Directors.

For more information on the “We Stand with Christ” campaign for the diocese, call 203.648.9050. Visit the web at

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