“What Are You Doing With The Grace You Receive Here?”

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What is a sacrament? It is an outward sign of God’s grace instituted by Christ. I never really thought about this much, and even recently as I have grown old and withered, I haven’t thought much of that meaning of the word sacrament or the grace that comes from it.

But when I go to confession, the pastor will say to me. “Son, what are you doing with the grace you receive here?” And I never know how to answer him. Because in all honesty, what am I actually doing with the grace that I receive from this beautiful sacrament?

This sacrament, that provides a spiritual nourishment of renewal and acceptance. This sacrament that provides a gateway for unconditional love & mercy to flow from. This sacrament that allows our hearts to be rekindled and made pure with our Father.

This sacrament, that provides us with an abundance of grace! What in the heck am I doing with it?

That is my Lenten challenge, to use the grace to bring the light and love of Christ to others who have fallen away.

My friends, let us ask ourselves, what are we actually doing with this abundance of Grace poured out for us in the sacrament of reconciliation, and how can we use it to bring the light and love of Christ to others during this time of renewal & repentance during this season of Lent.

By: Mike Falbo, Youth Minister