Youngest Graduates!

st_thomas_pre_kCongratulations to the Pre-Kindergarten class of 2016! On June 8, the Pre-Kindergarten students of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School successfully completed the rigorous Kindergarten program and are well prepared as they look forward to starting Kindergarten in September.

The graduation ceremony began with the Pre-K students reciting a “Hail Mary,” following with the “Pledge of Allegiance.” The entire auditorium joined them in prayer and also as they stood with their hands on their hearts facing the flag to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

brian_and_grace“What a joy to see our young students praying to our Blessed Mother and respecting our country’s flag. Having the freedom to pray and respect our country is, indeed, one of the reasons why parents have decided to send their children to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School,” said Principal Patricia Brady.

After receiving their diplomas the students, with the assistance of their music teacher, Kerry Lambert, entertained all in attendance with a handful of heartwarming songs.