Catholic Academy of Stamford: Continuing the legacy of Catholic education

By Jen Hanley

STAMFORD— Although the Catholic Academy of Stamford (CAS) was opened six years ago, its roots run deep in the Stamford community and the lives of Catholic families in the area who are grateful to pass it on to the next generation.

Many parents who attended Catholic schools as kids are now sending their children to the Catholic Academy of Stamford, which was formed in 2017 when parish-based grammar schools were merged to create one flagship Catholic school. They are grateful to advance the legacy and tradition that CAS represents as it builds strong foundations for their children in academics and in faith.

Maureen Garvey Forde, a CAS parent of a PreK-3 student said, “My family roots run deep with Catholic school in Stamford, and we are very proud of it. My five siblings and myself attended St. Cecilia’s, St. Gabriel’s Middle School and (Trinity Catholic High School), and we are grateful for the lessons learned and the memories made at each of those schools. There is something very special that my daughter Katie walks the same hallways as myself and her aunts and uncles and she is also learning the same Catholic values we were taught.”

Other CAS parents attended Catholic school in Stamford together as kids, including John Murphy and Kristen Delmonico. John and Kristen were in the same classes together at St. Cecilia’s and now their sons are in the same kindergarten class, in the same school building their parents were schooled in.

“It’s hard to put into words the feeling of your child becoming friends with children of people that you yourself met in the very same classrooms at the very same place. Friendships you have made which turned more into extended family. The warm and welcoming environment has not changed since I walked the halls over 30 years ago,” Delmonico said.

Murphy added that “having attended Catholic school in Stamford for kindergarten through 12th grade, I strongly believe in the importance of faith, family and community. We feel blessed to have our son Jack attend CAS, where creating relationships within the Catholic community is exemplified. CAS provides our child with the opportunity to build strong foundations for life-long learning and lasting friendships.”

Kate Thomas, a CAS parent of PreK 3 student, noted that “There is something about having the same  group of friends from kindergarten through eighth grade and beyond…They are the ones that know you through all phases of your life and with you have more shared experiences than you can count. It has been so amazing now running into parents in the CAS parking lot that I went to school with – not only from my class, but ones above and below my grade – as well as their siblings, cousins, and now married families. We are all giving our children the same chance to have this life-long opportunity at friendships, education and faith that we had. It is so easy to strike up a conversation or ask for advice from someone you know has the same values and goals for their children. Its returning to a safe place and a place we know our children will be nurtured as they grow in the community of the Church.”

Laura Smith, parent of a CAS PreK3 student said that “We knew CAS was the right place for our daughter the second we walked through the doors. We instantly felt that this school was a happy little safe place for our family. My sisters and I attended St. Cecilia’s, St. Gabriel’s and (Trinity) and the best part about it was the sense of community and values it instilled in us. This was very important to us when choosing a school for our daughter.”

Another parent praised the flagship Catholic school, saying, “The ability to introduce, educate, and continuously reinforce faith into our children’s lives is something that we, as parents, sought when moving back to Stamford, Connecticut. Through their low student-to-teacher ratio, tight-knit community, and integration with St. Cecilia-St. Gabriel Parish, we found that home in the Catholic Academy of Stamford. Each of our kids has attended and thoroughly enjoyed their time at school, while making lifelong friendships in the process. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.”

Eric Lenhart, CAS parent of an eighth grader, fifth grader and fourth grader, said, “Our Catholic school roots run deep. I was a student at St. Ann’s, Our Lady Star of the Sea and (Trinity). I was taught in a nurturing environment that not only emphasized academics, but also developed morality and Catholic values. The sense of community was and is a huge part of my experience. I have made lifelong friendships as both a student and a parent through Stamford Catholic schools. It was important to me and my family that we provide this Catholic education experience to our three daughters. The Catholic Academy of Stamford has exceeded our expectations and set the foundation for my children’s academic and spiritual growth.”

Angelica Cicchesi, parent of a CAS kindergartener and a PreK-4 student, said, “My husband and I decided to send our children to CAS because we are products of the Catholic school system ourselves and recognize the solid foundation the system creates. We wanted to give our children the same opportunity we were afforded because we value the individual attention our son and daughter receive while in a group atmosphere. The entire faculty and staff are committed to each and every student. They foster a safe, caring and respectful environment that is felt the moment you walk into the school. The sense of support, family, and community that CAS gives you is immeasurable and for that we are so grateful!”

The Catholic Academy of Stamford community roots run deep, and that together with the work being done present day has built strong foundations for this generation and for many future generations to come.

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