Join us for a Day of Hope, Healing and Recollection

The Office of Safe Environments, Victim-Survivors of abuse and family members will host a special Day of Healing and Recollection on Thursday June 29th, 2023 for anyone who has been wounded within the Church. We hope that any person who has left the Church because of the abuse crisis or for other concerns will consider attending.

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St. Margaret Shrine
2523 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT

Feel free to join us at any point in the day. You are welcome! There is no fee to attend.

Schedule (Thursday June 29, 2023)
8:15 Mass and Rosary
9:30 Courageous Conversations with Survivors
10:30 Stations of the Cross –The Way
11:30 Courageous Conversations with Survivors
12:30 Lunch and Closing Prayer


If I am not a victim of clergy sexual abuse, is this for me?
Yes! This day is for anyone who has been abused or has been wounded within the Church. We have had participants in our group in the past who were abused by family members, clergy, religious, doctors, coaches, family friends and others. You will not be taking a spot from someone else who needs it, YOU need this and we are here for you.

Will I have to talk about the details of my abuse?
You may share your experiences if you choose in a safe environment, however, this is not required. There will be social workers, members of the clergy, survivors of abuse and family members of victim-survivors who are available to meet or speak with you.

Will I be able to keep my information confidential?
The staff are considered Mandated Reporters which means we will handle your information with a high level of confidentiality at all times however, there are legal limits to confidentiality concerning abuse or risk of harm. You control how much you share in this setting and we can help you make a report to D.C.F. or Police when you feel ready. We encourage everyone to report early concerns and all incidents of abuse to civil authorities.

To register or for more information, please contact Erin Neil, L.C.S.W, Director of Safe Environment and Victim Assistance Coordinator with the Diocese of Bridgeport.
Phone: (203) 416-1406
Cell: (203) 650-3265