The Catholic Academy of Stamford Re-Opening Plan

August 7, 2020 For Immediate Release from The Catholic Academy of Stamford

Stamford, CT – This summer was like no other for the faculty and staff at The Catholic Academy of Stamford as they worked tirelessly to get the school prepared for reopening. This effort was led by school principal, Patricia E. Brady. Following the guidelines set forth by federal, state, local and Diocesan authorities, The Catholic Academy of Stamford is ready to reopen this fall for in-person instruction, five days per week.

“Kudos to our faculty and staff who have worked hard this summer to prepare our physical spaces within the school so that we are able to adhere to the social distancing requirements as well as prepare for multiple, potential avenues to deliver instruction throughout the upcoming school year. No one person could do this alone and I am blessed to have a faculty and staff here that truly demonstrated what this school community has always been about – providing our students with a faith-filled, safe, nurturing, academically challenging environment”, states Brady.

Brady continues, “We have prepared for three different scenarios – In person learning, sudden closure resulting in distance learning, as well as, the option for individual families who need temporary distance learning for their children while we are open for in person learning”.

“I am also grateful for the excellent leadership of our Superintendent, Dr. Steven Cheeseman and his team at the Diocese, who have provided to all administrators and teachers the guidance, support and professional development so needed during this time of uncertainty,” Brady said.

The Catholic Academy of Stamford conducted two Parent Preview Days on July 28-29, where over 100 families attended and offered positive feedback involving the school’s reopening measures.

“What makes me feel secure about sending my kids back is the amount of safety measures the school is taking to make our families feel safe,” said Keri LaRa, a parent of a second-grader and fifth-grader at the school. “Plus, the communication has been tremendous. I feel secure knowing there’s a plan, and knowing that as things shift, the school will navigate too.”

Jeanette Noriega, a mother of a third-grader at the school appreciates the safety measures the school is planning to administer. “I am pleased with the necessary social distancing precautions the school has come up with,” Noriega said. “All the desks have been measured to be six- feet apart. The kids’ school supplies are kept separately to prevent any sharing of supplies or cross contamination. Despite all the new safety measures in place, the classroom still feels warm and inviting. With all the changes going on, it’s important that the kids feel their classroom is a safe and inviting place.”

Robyn Neto, mother of a 5th grade student said “The administration and teachers have clearly spent weeks preparing to have our children return to a safe and nurturing environment under these very unusual circumstances. I am pleased that my daughter will be able to reunite with her friends in a socially distant academic environment. If the school doors were to open for tomorrow we would be ready to send her—and Emma would be happy to go back!”

Caroline Coffey, mother of 6th grade daughter Ava stated “I feel a lot better after the recent classroom tours. As a parent, I was a bit hesitant to send the kids back full-time, but CAS has created a fool proof setup to keep the children as safe as possible. The desks are spaced out, the common areas are significantly reduced, the teachers have a process in place and the amount of PPE around is incredibly reassuring.”

In addition to having the entire school prepped and ready to go for social distancing, they are in the process of building three outdoor learning spaces to enable the students and faculty plenty of outdoor time and fresh air. The school has designed extensive plans for sudden school closure and the need for temporary at-home instruction. This is something that The Catholic Academy of Stamford has exceled in this past spring with the sudden closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Since last March we have stepped up to the plate in order to come up with new and exciting ways to keep our students engaged and learning everyday, said Jeanne Bererich, who teaches 2nd grade at The Catholic Academy of Stamford. “By participating in countless hours of PD on exciting online platforms such as SeeSaw and Nearpod, I feel more ready than ever to take on teaching in the fall whether that is in the classroom with my students, or from a distance! No matter what obstacles are thrown our way I know that the CAS community is ready for the challenge. We are excited to welcome our students back to school and to help them continue to grow not only academically, but also in their faith so they can continue to put their trust in God no matter what obstacles they may face”.

Michelle DeRubeis, who teaches ELA for grades 6-8 at the school stated “This coming school year will provide both unique opportunities and challenges in the newish normal of education in and out of the classroom. I have no doubt that my 6th, 7th and 8th graders will meet both head on, and will exhibit true witness and leadership for their fellow CAS classmates to follow. It will be exciting to work in the same building with the CAS colleagues that I have come to know and respect. After 30 plus years with the Diocese of Bridgeport, I am truly blessed to continue the path of education with our wonderful students and their families.”

The Catholic Academy of Stamford is a fully accredited pre-K through grade 8 school through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Grades PreK3 through grade 5, caters to students at the beginning of their educational journey. Personalized learning is integrated early on. Working with students and their parents to develop individualized curriculum based on the students’ unique talents and interests, small class sizes facilitate master-level teaching allowing for a better, technology-based education coupled with one-on-one attention. Grades 6- 8 offer high-school preparatory curriculum which includes high school-level math while still in middle school.

“There’s a wonderful vibe here,” states current parent, Robyn Neto. “CAS creates a great learning and social environment for the children to get a topnotch Catholic education. I love the fact that we have such a great Catholic school and community in Stamford, run by an enthusiastic and nurturing administration dedicated to education and instilling strong Catholic values in our children.”

“We prepare their children for high school, yes, but equally as important we help transform them into whole and giving citizens who will go out and make a difference in our world” states Brady.

The school is located on at 1186 Newfield Ave in the St. Cecilia’s school building. Visit their website at or call (203)322-6505 to arrange a tour of the school.