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Background Checks

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Background checks are required for all clergy, men in formation, religious sisters and brothers, employees, volunteers, independent contractors, tenants and vendors within the Diocese of Bridgeport.

Bishop Caggiano Letter to the Faithful
English (PDF)  |  Polish (PDF)  |  Spanish (PDF)  |  Vietnamese (PDF)

Authorization and Release forms
Portuguese (PDF)

Additional Documents
Decree Promulgating Safe Environment Programs (PDF)
The Diocese of Bridgeport Policy for Conducting Background Checks (PDF)
A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (PDF)
Consumer Rights on background checks under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (DOC)

Authorization & Release Form

The following Authorization & Release Form is required for people who work or volunteers for the Diocese of Bridgeport. This includes:

  • Clergy
  • Employees
  • Contractors / Vendors / Tenants
  • Volunteers

Download the Authorization & Release Form: English | Spanish | Portuguese

Volunteers who are not working in scheduled contact with children are required to provide their date of birth. They are not required to provide a social security number on the form although it’s strongly encouraged. To bypass this field on the MYB form, the field must be populated with all 1’s (111-11-1111). Failing to provide a Social Security number may result in negative information returning to the Diocese of Bridgeport, or it could result in duplicate names. In the event that this occurs, the Diocese of Bridgeport will contact you and you will be required to provide your social security number in order to be identified.

Independent Contractors who already have a criminal background check screening process in place through their company should first contact the Diocese of Bridgeport Office of Safe Environments. A letter on official company letterhead signed by an authorized representative of the company (preferably an officer) is required indicating that all site based individuals have successfully completed a criminal background check and are clear of any crimes against children. The full names of all site based employees and the date of their background check must be included in this letter. In the event that the company does not conduct background checks on their employees, the Diocese of Bridgeport will assist the company with establishing an MYB account below by calling (203) 416-1406.

Please email the Office of Safe Environments with any questions.

Please Read
Security Measures in Place (PDF)

All first time applicants must pre-register online in the VIRTUS system by visiting prior to working or volunteering. All Seminarians and Candidates for the Diaconate must renew their background check upon ordination. Background checks must be renewed any time there is a gap in service or ministry and every 5 or 10 years depending on your role in Church activities. See the chart below.

5 Year VIRTUS Training (In-person or online) & Criminal Background Check Renewal is required for the following categories of personnel in the Diocese of Bridgeport.

This category of personnel is also required to complete annual online continuing Education.
10 Year VIRTUS (Online or in person) & Criminal Background Check Renewal.

Parishes and Schools must review each category of volunteers below to ensure that they have no scheduled contact with children or no supervisory responsibility.
ClergyLiturgy Volunteers (No scheduled contact or supervisory role over altar servers, minors or vulnerable adults)
Religious Sisters & BrothersAltar Linen
Diocesan, School and Parish Employees (Full-time, Part-time and Substitutes)Volunteers assisting with Parish mailings
VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children FacilitatorsPrayer Shawl Ministry
Local Safe Environment CoordinatorsParish Finance
Volunteers working in scheduled contact with childrenVolunteers at a fair, picnic, feast, bazaar or fundraising event where there is no supervisory role or scheduled contact with minors or vulnerable adults
Liturgy Volunteers working in scheduled contact with minors or vulnerable adultsIndependent Contractors
Children’s Choir VolunteersFundraising
Liturgy Volunteers for Child /Teen MassSoup Kitchen, Thrift Store and Food Pantry Volunteers
Religious Education & Youth MinistryFuneral Service
Volunteer Coaches and AssistantsMusic Ministry with Adults
Independent Contractors & Vendors of all after school programs where minors are presentRCIA Instructor
Scout Troops Leasing Space in a diocesan location (Proof of Boy Scout Youth Protection Training & Background checks are required for all adults on the premise)

All Adult volunteers of Diocesan Sponsored Scouting Troops must complete VIRTUS training and the MYB Criminal Background check
Board Members
Sexual Misconduct Review Board MembersParking Lot attendants
Parish NursesAdult Ministry Group Leaders / Counselors/Instructors
Vacation Bible Study Volunteers
Music Ministry with minors
Greeters & Security Guards
Homebound ministries