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Beatification Will See ‘Jesus Planting his Cross’ in Heart of Detroit

DETROIT (CNS) — On Nov. 18, more than a few Hail Marys will be thrown around inside Ford Field. And unlike a football game, every single prayer will be answered.

That day jerseys and helmets will be replaced by chasubles and miters as thousands of bishops, clergy and faithful from across the country prepare to celebrate the beatification of Capuchin Franciscan Father Solanus Casey at the home of the NFL’s Detroit Lions, the largest venue Detroit could find.

There won’t be pyrotechnics or huge inflatable lions when the opening procession begins through the stadium’s giant tunnel, but it should be a surreal sight nonetheless.

At Home and Abroad: Bishops’ Conferences Show Collegiality, Solidarity

VATICAN CITY—The role of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and other bishops’ conferences around the world is “catholic”—working together to promote the church’s mission, but also “to support peacebuilding and human development throughout the world,” said Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state.

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|   A message from John Gutman, Executive Director of New Covenant Center in Stamford
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STAMFORD — In Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1941 State of the Union address (often referred to as the Four Freedoms Speech), he proposed four fundamental freedoms that people “everywhere in the world” should enjoy. One of those was Freedom from Want, which Norman Rockwell depicted in his painting of a smiling family gathered around the Thanksgiving table.

USCCB President Decries Massive Shooting at Texas Baptist Church

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The U.S. Catholic Church stands “in unity” with the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and the larger community after a shooting during Sunday services took the lives of at least 26 people and injured at least 20 others.

Those who died ranged in age from 5 to 72 years old, and included 14-year-old Annabelle Pomeroy. Her father, Frank Pomeroy, is pastor of the church but he was not at the service.
“We stand in unity with you in this time of terrible tragedy — as you stand on holy ground, ground marred today by horrific violence,” said Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Discernment Journey is Not Taken Alone

|   By Deacon David Flynn
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STAMFORD—“Discerning a vocation for the priesthood is not something you can do alone,” says Colin Lomnizter, a seminarian at the St. John Fisher Residence in Stamford.

“You need the help and support of others who are in the same situation. That includes other seminarians and those who are skilled at helping you understand yourself and whether or not a vocation to the priesthood fits you,” he says.

St. Augustine Medal Recipients “Work Wonders”

Click here to view the 2017 St. Augustine Medal Recipients

Saint Mary School, Bethel: Mr. Bob & Mrs. Ann Stosser
Nominated by Mr. Greg Viceroy, Principal

Saint Mary Parish, Bethel: Ms. Rose Schlemmer
Nominated by Reverend Corey V. Piccinino, Pastor

Blessed Sacrament Parish, Bridgeport: Deacon Ricardo Martinez & Mr. Erick Martinez
Nominated by Reverend Joseph J. Karcsinski, Parochial Administrator

Catholic Academy of Bridgeport, Bridgeport: Mr. James L. Bailey
Nominated by Sister Joan Magnetti, RSCJ, Executive Director

Kolbe Cathedral High School, Bridgeport: Mr. Michael & Mrs. Sharon Federici
Nominated by Mr. Henry Rondon, Principal

Office of Development, Bridgeport: Mr. Thomas Kolenberg
Nominated by Mr. Bill McLean, Chief Development Officer

Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Manuel & Mrs. Irene Coutinho
Nominated by Reverend José B. Alves, Pastor

Our Lady of Good Counsel Chapel, Bridgeport: Mr. Joseph Varhidi
Nominated by Reverend Eugene R. Szantyr, Pastor

Saint Andrew Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Charles Richardson
Nominated by Reverend Eugene R. Szantyr, Pastor

Saint Andrew Academy, Bridgeport: Ms. Nicole Rivera
Nominated by Mrs. Lori Wilson, Principal

Saint Ann Academy, Bridgeport: Ms. Sandra Santa
Nominated by Mrs. Patricia Griffin, Principal

Saint Ann Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. William & Mrs. Nora Verespie
Nominated by Reverend Peter J. Lynch, Pastor

Saint Augustine Academy, Bridgeport: Mr. Todd Van Ness
Nominated by Dr. Debi Boccanfuso, Principal

Saint Charles Borromeo Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Gustavo & Mrs. Cristiana Murta
Nominated by Reverend Francisco Gomez-Franco, Pastor

Saint George Parish, Bridgeport: Ms. Sonia Ortiz
Nominated by Reverend Elio Albano Sosa, IVE, Parochial Administrator

Saint Margaret Shrine, Bridgeport: Mr. Ed & Mrs. Ann Mastrone
Nominated by Reverend Giandomenico Flora, Rector

Saint Mary Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Emilio & Mrs. Guillermina Alicea
Nominated by Reverend Rolando Torres, Pastor

Saint Peter Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Felix & Mrs. Brunilda Arbelo
Nominated by Reverend José Rebaque, Parochial Administrator

Saint Raphael Academy, Bridgeport: Mrs. Ilene Ianniello
Nominated by Sister Christine Hoffner, Principal

The Cathedral Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Carlos & Mrs. Griselda Ortiz
Nominated by Reverend F. John Ringley, Pastor

Saint Joseph School, Brookfield: Ms. Mary Jo Howe
Nominated by Ms. Dina Monti, Principal

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys Parish, Brookfield: Mr. Donald & Mrs. Claudette Perley
Nominated by Reverend Shawn W. Cutler, Pastor

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Danbury: Mr. Jose & Mrs. Adelia Santos
Nominated by Reverend Jose Brito-Martins, Parochial Administrator

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Danbury: Mr. Luis & Mrs. Rosa Guachon
Nominated by Reverend John Jairo Perez, Pastor

Saint Gregory the Great Parish, Danbury: Mr. Peter Buzaid
Nominated by Reverend Jeffrey Couture, former Parochial Administrator

Saint Gregory the Great School, Danbury: Mr. Michael & Mrs. Sally Wilson
Nominated by Mrs. Suzanne Curra, Principal

Saint Joseph Parish, Danbury: Mr. Joseph Bromley
Nominated by Reverend Samuel V. Scott, Pastor

Saint Joseph School, Danbury: Mr. Edovard & Mrs. Marilyn Vieux
Nominated by Mrs. Lisa Lanni, Principal

Saint Peter Parish, Danbury: Ms. Heloisa Neves
Nominated by Reverend Gregg D. Mecca, Pastor

Saint Peter School, Danbury: Ms. Mayra Clay
Nominated by Mrs. Mary McCormack, Principal

Saint John Parish, Darien: Mr. William Frazier
Nominated by Reverend Francis T. Hoffmann, Pastor

Saint Thomas More Parish, Darien: Mr. James Davis
Nominated by Reverend Paul G. Murphy, Pastor

Notre Dame Parish, Easton: Mr. William & Mrs. Cheryl Constand
Nominated by Reverend Michael P. Lyons, Pastor

Holy Cross Parish, Fairfield: Mr. John & Mrs. Marie Adams
Nominated by Reverend Alfred F. Pecaric, Pastor

Holy Family Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Al & Mrs. Marylou Edwards
Nominated by Reverend Norman J. Guilbert, Pastor

Notre Dame High School, Fairfield: Ms. Kathy Rohr
Nominated by Mr. Chris Cipriano, Principal

Our Lady of Assumption School, Fairfield: Ms. Jody Gourley
Nominated by Mr. Steve Santoli, Principal

Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Michael & Mrs. Diane Kane
Nominated by Reverend Peter A. Cipriani, Pastor

Saint Anthony of Padua Parish, Fairfield: Mrs. Kyle Ann McCarthy
Nominated by Reverend John P. Baran, Pastor

Saint Catherine Academy, Fairfield: Ms. Virginia Aoyama
Nominated by Mr. Brian Farrell, Director or Eduation/Principal

Saint Emery Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Nicholas & Mrs. Laureen Pekar
Nominated by Reverend Milan Dimic, Pastor

Saint Pius X Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Robert Guman
Nominated by Reverend Samuel Kachuba, Pastor

Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Glenn & Mrs. Patricia Hansen
Nominated by Reverend Victor T. Martin, Pastor

Saint Thomas Aquinas School, Fairfield: Mr. Joseph Draper
Nominated by Mr. Steve Anderson, Principal

Sacred Heart Parish, Georgetown: Mr. Robert & Mrs. Janet Glennan
Nominated by Reverend David C. Leopold, Pastor

Greenwich Catholic School, Greenwich: Mr. Robert & Mrs. Bonnie Tuite
Nominated by Mrs. Patrice Kopas, Principal

Sacred Heart Parish, Greenwich: Mr. John Innominato
Nominated by Reverend Bose Raja Selvaraj, Pastor

Saint Agnes Parish, Greenwich: Mr. James & Mrs. Marguerita Salerno
Nominated by Reverend James A. McDevitt, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Greenwich: Mr. Laurence Mabes, Jr.
Nominated by Reverend Cyprian P. LaPastina, Pastor

Saint Michael the Archangel Parish, Greenwich: Ms. Lynn Ambrosino
Nominated by Reverend Ian M. Jeremiah, Pastor

Saint Paul Parish, Greenwich: Ms. Dorothy Mitchell
Nominated by Reverend Leszek Szymaszek, Pastor

Saint Roch Parish, Greenwich: Ms. Emperatriz Constante
Nominated by Reverend Arthur C. Mollenhauer, Pastor

Saint Jude Parish, Monroe: Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Liz Romeo
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Dariusz J. Zielonka, Pastor

Saint Aloysius Parish, New Canaan: Mr. Michael & Mrs. Mary Aldrich
Nominated by Reverend Robert M. Kinnally, Pastor

Saint Aloysius School, New Canaan: Mr. Mike & Mrs. Lindsay Pignataro
Nominated by Mr. Bardhyl Gjoka, PrincipalSaint Edward the Confessor Parish, New Fairfield: Mr. Alan & Mrs. Jane Liner
Nominated by Reverend Nicholas A. Cirillo, Pastor

Saint Rose of Lima Parish, Newtown: Mr. Robert & Mrs. Patricia Llodra
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Robert E. Weiss, Pastor

Saint Rose of Lima School, Newtown: Mr. Sean & Mrs. Maureen Kerins
Nominated by Sister Colleen Smith, ASCJ, Principal

All Saints School, Norwalk: Mr. Salvatore Calise
Nominated by Mrs. Linda Dunn, Principal

Saint Jerome Parish, Norwalk: Dr. Richard & Mrs. Annette Maiberger
Nominated by Reverend David W. Blanchfield, Pastor

Saint Joseph Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Pedro Hernandez
Nominated by Reverend Peter F. Lenox, Parochial Administrator

Saint Ladislaus Parish, Norwalk: Ms. Alicia Hernandez
Nominated by Reverend Juan Gabriel Acosta-Quevedo, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Stuart & Mrs. Jill Chessman
Nominated by Reverend Richard G. Cipolla, Pastor

Saint Matthew Parish, Norwalk: Ms. Elizabeth Dunne
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Walter C. Orlowski, Pastor

Saint Philip Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Otto de Pierne
Nominated by Reverend Sudhir DSouza, Pastor

Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Thomas Gorzkowski
Nominated by Reverend Mirek Stachurski, Pastor

Saint Patrick Parish, Redding Ridge: Mr. Thomas Ryan
Nominated by Reverend Joseph Cervero, Pastor

Saint Elizabeth Seton Parish, Ridgefield: Mr. James & Mrs. Cynthia Bruno
Nominated by Reverend Joseph A. Prince, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Ridgefield: Mr. Vincent Falotico
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Laurence R. Bronkiewicz, Pastor

Saint Catherine of Siena Parish, Riverside: Ms. Catherine Crowther
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Alan F. Detscher, Pastor

Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, Shelton: Mr. Edward Gavin
Nominated by Mrs. Laura Varrone, Principal

Saint Joseph Parish, Shelton: Ms. Mary Ann Miller
Nominated by Reverend Michael F. Dogali, Pastor

Saint Lawrence Parish, Shelton: Mr. Frank Masso, Jr.
Nominated by Reverend Michael K. Jones, Pastor

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque Parish, Shelton: Mr. Robert & Mrs. Barbara Stellner
Nominated by Reverend Ciprian Bejan, Pastor

Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Stamford: Mr. Greg & Mrs. Agnes Rus
Nominated by Reverend Pawel M. Hrebenko, Pastor

Holy Spirit Parish, Stamford: Ms. Karen Pritchard
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Kevin T. Royal, Pastor

Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Stamford: Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Anne Wiegand
Nominated by Reverend Piotr K. Smolik, Pastor

Sacred Heart Parish, Stamford: Ms. Barbara Cerulli
Nominated by Reverend Alfonso Picone, Pastor

Saint Benedict-Our Lady of Montserrat, Stamford: Ms. Jackie Hargraves
Nominated by Reverend Gustavo A. Falla, Pastor

Saint Bridget of Ireland Parish, Stamford: Mr. Nathaniel & Mrs. Patricia Belknap
Nominated by Reverend Edward McAuley, Pastor

Saint Cecilia Parish, Stamford: Mr. Charlie & Mrs. Lena Costello
Nominated by Reverend Albert G. Pinciaro, Pastor

Saint Gabriel Parish, Stamford: Ms. Teresita Senerador
Nominated by Reverend William M. Quinlan, Pastor

Saint Leo Parish, Stamford: Ms. Marcia Mandi
Nominated by Reverend James D. Grosso, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Stamford: Ms. Sally Campo, posthumously
Nominated by Reverend Gustavo A. Falla, Pastor

Saint Maurice Parish, Stamford: Mr. John & Mrs. Susan Pritting
Nominated by Reverend Alfred A. Riendeau, Pastor

The Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist, Stamford: Mr. David & Mrs. Janet Lancaster
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Stephen M. DiGiovanni, Pastor

The Catholic Academy of Stamford, Stamford: Mr. Harold Spitzfaden
Nominated by Ms. Patricia Brady, Head of School

Trinity Catholic High School, Stamford: Mr. Michael & Mrs. Mary Ann O’Leary
Nominated by Mr. David Williams, Principal

Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Stratford: Mr. Greg Moreau
Nominated by Reverend Andrew G. Marus, Pastor

Our Lady of Grace Parish, Stratford: Mr. Brian & Mrs. Paula Latham
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Martin P. Ryan, Pastor

Our Lady of Peace Parish, Stratford: Ms. Mary Ann Palmiero
Nominated by Reverend Nicholas S. Pavia, Pastor

Saint James Parish, Stratford: Mr. Dan & Mrs. Jen Caron
Nominated by Reverend Thomas F. Lynch, Pastor

Saint James School, Stratford: Mr. Richard & Mrs. Jessica Curran
Nominated by Mr. Jack Lynch, Principal

Saint Mark Parish, Stratford: Mr. Michael Mollica
Nominated by Reverend Birendra Soreng, Pastor

Saint Mark School, Stratford: Ms. Theresa Sciallo
Nominated by Mr. Scott Clough, Principal

Christ the King Parish, Trumbull: Mr. Bob & Mrs. Pat Silk
Nominated by Reverend Terrence P. Walsh, Pastor

Saint Catherine of Siena Parish, Trumbull: Mrs. Patrica Capozzi
Nominated by Reverend Joseph A. Marcello, Pastor

Saint Catherine of Siena School, Trumbull: Mrs. Mary Dineen
Nominated by Ms. Eunice Giaquinto, Principal

Saint Stephen Parish, Trumbull: Ms. Doris Torok
Nominated by Reverend Christopher J. Samele, Pastor

Saint Theresa Parish, Trumbull: Mr. John & Mrs. Anne Connaughton
Nominated by Reverend Brian P. Gannon, Pastor

Saint Theresa School, Trumbull: Mr. Carmine Pasacreta
Nominated by Mr. Salvatore Vittoria, Principal

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish, Weston: Mr. Christian Eidt
Nominated by Reverend Michael L. Dunn, former Pastor

Church of the Assumption Parish, Westport: Mr. Robert & Mrs. Veronica Estony
Nominated by Reverend Thomas P. Thorne, Pastor

Saint Luke Parish, Westport: Mr. Bill & Mrs. Judy Wanat
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Andrew G. Varga, Pastor

Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Wilton: Mr. Louis Furlo
Nominated by Reverend Reginald Norman, Pastor

Catholic Charities, Bridgeport: Mr. Peter Maloney
Nominated by Mr. Al Barber, President

Catholic Charities, Bridgeport: Mr. Ed Kearns
Nominated by Mr. Al Barber, President

Catholic Charities, Bridgeport: Ms. Shelia McEnery
Nominated by Mr. Al Barber, President

Saint Joseph Parish, Brookfield: Mr. Vincent, posthumously & Mrs. Andrea Lupo
Nominated by Reverend George F. O’Neill, Pastor

Immaculate High School, Danbury: Mr. Kevin Archer
Nominated by Mrs. Mary Maloney, President

Sacred Heart Parish, Danbury: Mr. William Jakubek
Nominated by Reverend Peter J. Towsley, Pastor

Saint Philip Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Otto de Pierne
Nominated by Reverend Sudhir DSouza, Pastor

Saint Mary School, Ridgefield: Mr. Scott Edwardson
Nominated by Mrs. Anna O’Rourke, Principal

BRIDGEPORT— “You may not be able to work miracles but you are wonder workers,” Bishop Caggiano told 175 St. Augustine Medal of Service recipients at St. Augustine Cathedral.

Can the Catholic Church Keep Millennials From Passing it By?

August 15 marked two important events for New York-area Catholics this year. It was the feast of the Assumption of Mary. It was also the start of the Subway Series between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. The Diocese of Bridgeport decided to celebrate both, with an event billed as “Baseball with the Bishop,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Bishop Caggiano Reflects on the Challenge of Sitting in Silence and Solitude

BRIDGEPORT— On October 6, we celebrated the feast of Saint Bruno, the founder of the Carthusian religious order. Following Saint Bruno’s example, Carthusian monks and nuns live in a monastic setting, devoting their lives to contemplation, silence and solitude. Their ministry is one of prayer and reflection, serving as spiritual intercessors for the Church. Today, there are about 320 Carthusian monks and nuns throughout the world.

Author Visits Greenwich Catholic School

GREENWICH—Greenwich Catholic School welcomed nationally acclaimed author Alan Gratz to campus on October 3 to speak with students in grades 5 through 8. Gratz has written numerous novels for young readers. His first published book, Samurai Shortstop, was chosen as one of the ALA’s Top Ten Best Books in 2007. A North Carolina resident and former middle school English teacher, Gratz has since gone on to publish thirteen additional novels, most of which are historical fiction.

Bishop, Caritas Staffer Say Situation in Mexico Serious, Much Aid Needed

MEXICO CITY (CNS) — A Catholic bishop and a Caritas worker in Mexico said the situation was extremely serious after the Sept. 19 earthquake, and much aid would be needed.”The situation is complicated, because the first earthquake (Sept. 7) had already affected thousands of people in Chiapas and Oaxaca,” Alberto Arciniega, head of communications for Caritas Mexico, told Catholic News Service Sept. 20.

More than 1,500 Expected to Make Diocesan Pilgrimage to Washington, D. C. this Weekend

BRIDGEPORT—Thirty buses will leave from parishes and schools throughout Fairfield County this Saturday morning to take more than 1,500 faithful on the diocesan pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for a day of prayer and worship.

A Special Message from Msgr. Tom Powers, Vicar General

BRIDGEPORT— Members of the Diocese are headed to Ethiopia and Lebanon! In conjunction with Catholic Relief Services and Turning Wine Into H2O, we are sending a Diocesan delegation to Ethiopia to observe and witness clean water projects throughout the country. Msgr Powers, along with four priests from around the Diocese will join a contingent of people from the Diocese of Bridgeport, including Social Media Leader, John Grosso, on the trip to Ethiopia on October 1st.

The Courage to Speak!

FAIRFIELD– The Courage to Speak Foundation Presentation Ginger and Larry Katz, Co-Founders of the Courage to Speak® Foundation will be speaking at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, 545 Stratfield Road, Fairfield on Thursday, October 19th at 6:30 PM in the Parish Hall.

Knights of Columbus Hold 3rd Annual 9-11 Memorial Mass

In a solemn outdoor ceremony held on Saturday morning, September 9th on the beautiful grounds of Notre Dame Health & Rehabilitation Center in Norwalk, members of Knights of Columbus Bishop Fenwick 4th Degree Assembly were joined by their families as well as residents and staff of Notre Dame at a special Mass in remembrance of those who lost their lives sixteen years ago on September 11, 2001.


KeyBank Foundation Donates $15,000 to Support Foundations in Education

|   Money will be used to offset the cost of tuition for Fairfield County students
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BRIDGEPORT – The Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport announced a donation of $15,000 by KeyBank Foundation, the nonprofit charitable foundation of KeyCorp, to the Foundations in Education, which provides scholarship assistance to students attending catholic schools in Fairfield County.

Bishops’ Annual Labor Day Statement Scores ‘Excessive Inequality’

WASHINGTON (CNS) — “Excessive inequality” threatens cooperation among all people in society “and the social pact it supports,” said Bishop Frank J. Dewane of Venice, Florida, in the U.S. bishops’ annual Labor Day statement. In the message, Bishop Dewane cited the words of Pope Francis, who told factory workers in Genoa, Italy, “The entire social pact is built around work.

‘Hear the Cry of the Earth,’ Pope and Patriarch Urge in Ecology Message

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Environmental destruction is a sign of a “morally decaying scenario” in which too many people ignore or deny that, from the beginning, “God intended humanity to cooperate in the preservation and protection of the natural environment,” said the leaders of the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Fr. Louis Michael Pintye, 62

BRIDGEPORT— Father Louis Pintye, O.F.M., Pastor of St. Emery Parish in Fairfield ’s for 13 years from 1998 to 2011 passed into eternal life on August 20, 2017 at Mount Alverna Friary-Shrine of Our Lady, Comforter of the Afflicted in Youngstown, Ohio, after a lengthy illness.

A memorial mass was held Saturday, 11:00 AM, August 26th at St. Emery’s Church, 838 Kings Highway East, Fairfield.

Superintendent Steve Cheeseman’s Letter to Teachers to Begin the School Year

Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

As we begin this new school year I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for the work you do for the young people who attend our Catholic Schools. Each day, I am inspired by the work you do, individually and collectively, to ensure that the children who have been placed in our care are educated in school communities that understand that God’s promise for the future rests in our hands as we shape the next generation of the faithful and that strive to recognize the dignity, uniqueness and beauty of every child.

Don’t Go to Sleep Without Thanking the Lord

BRIDGEPORT— In this video Bishop Caggiano reminds us that a final prayer before going to sleep is a good way to examine our consciences and be reminded of God’s forgiveness and love for us. The bishop reminds us that evening prayer is an opportunity for us “to ask the Lord if we have offended him or our neighbor,” and be rewarded in the “freshness and renewal” that prayer can bring.

Students Get a Jump Start on School Year

|   Catholic Academy of Bridgeport offers dynamic summer enrichment program | View Gallery
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BRIDGEPORT—What do you get when you combine an engaging math and language arts program with live animals, an ice cream truck and an 80-foot, three-masted sharpie schooner? One memorable and meaningful summer enrichment program which at the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport is called “Jump Start.”

Enthusiastic Response to Bishop’s Call to Pilgrimage in D.C.

BRIDGEPORT—People throughout the diocese are responding to Bishop Frank Caggiano’s call to join him in a diocesan pilgrimage to Washington D. C. on September 23.

As of today, the diocese has reserved more than 15 buses for the special, one-day pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for a day of prayer and worship.

Bishops Ask for Peace After White Nationalist Rally Turns Deadly

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The bishop from the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Virginia called for peace following violence in Charlottesville late on Aug. 11 and subsequent events at the University of Virginia that left at least one person dead after a car plowed into a crowd on the afternoon of Aug. 12 during a white nationalist rally.

Msgr. Kohut, 98, Former Pastor of St. Matthew

NORWALK—Msgr. Joseph Kohut died on August 5 at Notre Dame Convalescent Home in Norwalk. He was 98 years old.

Joseph John Kohut was born on December 12, 1918 in Peekskill N.Y. After graduating high school he was employed as a stenographer at Standard Brands, Inc., and at Texaco. This work was interrupted by his Army service in World War II in France, Germany and Austria, for which he won the Bronze Star., and by Air Force service in the Korean War.

Pope Calls for Attention to Environment

|   Pope Francis asks that "everyone discover the beauty of creation"
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Pope Francis’s prayer intention for the month of August is “That artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone discover the beauty of creation.” This action from the pope is the latest in a long history of Catholic Church teaching on environmental protection, and comes amid new concerns about the quickening pace of climate change.