My dear friends in Christ, for the last year, we have faced an unprecedented time that has dramatically changed every aspect of life, in ways known and unknown. One can say that we have lived a time of spiritual twilight, when we experienced a growing sense of darkness, mixed with moments when the light of charity and kindness broke through to encourage us.

I come to you now, when many may be wondering about the future direction of our Church, to invite you to begin this spiritual journey with me, seeking the Lord’s grace to transform this time of suffering into a springtime of renewal for the life of the Church. It will be a journey that will move us beyond the fatigue that has settled in as weeks turned into months and as what we hoped would be temporary began to change the world around us. It will be a journey where we will rise out of the darkness with the Lord Jesus at our side, and in obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit bring new energy and commitment to the preaching of the Gospel, in word and witness. It is a journey that will last for a lifetime.

I have commissioned the creation of this website to share with you the exciting elements that will be part of our Diocesan Renewal. You will find updates on the Year of St. Joseph, the Diocesan Ambassadors Program, opportunities for Reconciliation and Eucharistic Adoration, and more. I pray that you will find these resources helpful as we seek to renew our Church in Fairfield County.

Know of my prayers as we begin this great work together!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano

Pastoral Exhortation

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In early 2021, Bishop Frank Caggiano launched our Diocesan renewal when he issued his Pastoral Exhortation: “Let Us Enter the Upper Room with the Lord.” Before you scroll through the rest of this page, we invite you to read or listen to this call to renewal.

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Excortacion Pastoral

Leer. Escuchar.

Mis queridos amigos en Cristo: durante el último año, hemos enfrentado un tiempo sin precedentes que ha cambiado dramáticamente cada aspecto de nuestras vidas, de maneras conocidas y desconocidas.

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Read all of the latest “Notes from the Upper Room” to stay up to date with the Diocesan Renewal.

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Centers of Mercy

“The Lord wishes to free each of us from the burden of our sins. Should we not then use this time to shed the baggage of our sins and accept His freedom with joy?”

Centers of Mercy, once established in our Diocese during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy (2015), have been re-established in every deanery. These Centers of Mercy are parishes that offer the Sacrament of Penance in the evenings, with the help of the priests of the area, so that no one need wait more than two days in order to receive this healing sacrament.

Centers of Adoration

I have asked that every deanery establish at least one Center of Adoration— a local parish that will offer Eucharistic Adoration throughout the day, so that everyone who wishes can be fed by the Eucharistic Lord in a personal and powerful way.

Spiritual Resources

Like the apostles, we must be prepared to reenter the larger world as courageous missionaries of the Gospel. We have prepared spiritual resources to assist in this mission.

Ambassadors for Christ

We need people to echo the prophets and saints who have gone before us, willing to see light through the darkness and willing to say to the Lord, “Here I am. Send me” (Is. 6:8).


for health care workers

what we have lost

of Remembrance

Eucharistic Symposium

Year of St. Joseph

  • 12/08/2020
  • 02/17/2021
  • 03/10/2021
  • 03/18/2021
  • 03/19/2021

Year of St. Joseph