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Blessed Sacrament | Eldad-Medad Men’s Group

Now two men remained in the camp, one named Eldad, and the other named Medad, and the spirit rested upon them; they were among those registered, but they had not gone out to the tent, and so they prophesied in the camp. (Numbers 11:26). Eldad in the Hebrew means “God loves,” and Medad means “object of love.” The men of our group love God and the Church and seek to spread the word through their time, talent and treasure. They are active fundraisers and assist in many parish activities. For more information on this group, contact Frank Soares.


St. Joseph | Men of St. Joseph

All men are welcome! Meetings are held every other Saturday morning from 6:30-7:50 am. Join us for coffee, a light breakfast, socialization and engaging (no pressure) conversation about our faith in a relaxed environment.


Sacred Heart of Jesus | Men’s Group

Sacred Heart Men’s Group recognizes the importance of community, fellowship and accountability among men. All men are welcomed from both within and outside of Sacred Heart to join and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and become better husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. Challenging men to grow in virtue (good habits), our men’s group places a particular emphasis on the virtues of courage and vulnerability.

As a resource, our men use the “That Man Is You!” program. “That Man Is You!” honestly addresses the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, especially those relating to their roles as husbands and fathers. The program harmonizes current social and medical science with the teachings of the Church and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive! Men’s Group meets every Monday evening from 7:15-8:30 pm in the Sacred Heart Man Cave (Basement of the Rectory). Interested in joining Men’s Group? Please email or call Dan Tome, Pastoral Administrator 203.743.0689.

St. Gregory the Great | Holy Name Society

All men are welcome! Meetings are held every second Monday of the month from 7-8:50 pm. Join us for discussion, socialization and engaging (no pressure) conversation about our faith in a relaxed environment. No need to register—just show up. For information, contact Fr. Dunn at

St. Joseph | Men’s Group

The Saint Joseph Men’s Group meets Saturday at 7 am in the Buck Religious Education Building. Meetings end at 7:55 am for those who wish to attend the 8 am Mass. For more information, contact Mr. Mark Azzara at 203.947.4012.

St. Peter | Men’s Society

The Men’s Society, one of the oldest groups in our parish, works to fund the Sister Marita Daniel Scholarship at St. Peter School (through various fundraisers such as its annual pancake breakfast and fishing excursion raffle) and provides support and the necessary “man power” for many parish activities and needs. Bob Bailey is in charge of coordinating all activities.

St. Thomas More | Men’s Ministry

The St. Thomas More Men’s Ministry assists parish men of all ages to explore what it means to be a Catholic man in today’s world. Activities include studying, group prayer, guest speakers and meeting in small groups to discuss the successes and struggles in our daily, personal and professional lives. The Men’s Ministry group. led by both Fr. Paul and Fr. John, meets on Saturdays at 7 am in the Rectory Annex. For more info, contact Stephen Muecke at All Men’s Ministry meetings can be found on the Faith Formation Calendar.


St. John | Saturday Morning Men’s Breakfast

This group meets seasonally for an early Saturday morning breakfast, fellowship and discussion of faith-strengthening topics relevant to issues facing Catholic men in today’s world. For more information, contact William Rooney at or 203.655.6235.


Holy Family | Men’s Reflection Group

We invite all men who are seeking a closer relationship with the Lord to join us on Saturday mornings from 8-9:30 am. We meet as a group to explore and interpret the meaning of the scriptures. Through candid conversations about the everyday spiritual challenges that we all face, a spirit of camaraderie builds within the group. If you would like to join us for an exploratory meeting, please note our weekly meeting time above. All are welcome! For more information, contact Maurice Magnotta at or 203.366.6707.

St. Anthony of Padua | Men’s Group

The Men’s Group is a monthly discussion group that encourages informal conversation about spiritual and Church-related topics, often centered around the Sunday readings. The group usually meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 pm in the rectory.

St. Pius X | Men’s Fellowship

Meets weekly, on Saturday mornings at 6:30 am. Their new men’s study program is called “That Man is You” and meetings will be one hour, prompt.


Sacred Heart | Men’s Ministry

There are a lot of distractions in today’s world that can make it difficult being the men we want to be. Guided by scripture (and fueled by coffee and bagels), the members of the Sacred Heart Men’s Ministry discuss the challenges in our Christian walk, how God can help us each day and how we can support and encourage each other. Topics we’ve covered include Men at Work, Discipleship, Dealing with Failure and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We meet each Saturday at 7 am in the rectory meeting room. We know it’s early, but it’s time well spent that won’t get in the way of being with your family. All men are welcome. Please contact Jim Ryan at 203.798.6127 or for more information.

New Canaan

St. Aloysius | Men’s Bible Study and Fellowship

Join us weekly at our Men’s Bible Study and Fellowship weekly meeting.  All are welcome.  Don’t worry if you can’t attend regularly.  It’s easy to stay current. Each Saturday we meet from 8:30-9:30 am for a scripture study using a convenient book with support commentary to help deepen understanding. Doors open at 7:30–8:30 am for a light breakfast and fellowship. The group meets in the Maple Street Dining Room of the Parish Center.  Enter through the Maple Street kitchen door. For more information contact Bob Mantilia at 203.414.1500 or email

New Fairfield

St. Edward the Confessor | The Men of St. Edward’s Fellowship

Meets Saturday mornings from 7:30-9:00 am in Conference Room C. The Men of St. Edward’s Fellowship is dedicated to encouraging a welcoming environment for men to grow in their knowledge of the Catholic faith. We do this by sharing the word of God and reflecting on our own discipleship, while always looking for the guidance of Church teaching to assist us in growing toward the truth. The group also takes an active role in supporting and serving our parish, community and the Catholic Church.


St. Rose of Lima | Men’s Ministry

St. Rose Men’s Ministry is designed to help parish men of all ages explore what it means to be a Catholic man in today’s world. Our primary mission is to help men enrich their relationships with Jesus Christ and apply their faith to their daily lives.

We work to achieve these goals by celebrating the Mass and praying together, studying the Sacred Scripture, and gathering in small groups to discuss successes and struggles in our daily lives. We strive to hold each other accountable and support each other as we lift up our Christian values through the way we live our lives. Within this fellowship, we learn that we are capable of realizing and committing to our true priorities in our Christian faith and living out that commitment. By fostering this, the Men’s Ministry nurtures a closer relationship with God, with our families, with our communities and with each other. For more information, contact Mike Ryan at


St. Jerome | St. Jerome Society – Men of Faith and Action

The St. Jerome Society, Men of Faith and Action, is designed to help parish men of all ages realize what it means to be a Catholic man today. The group’s primary mission is to help men enrich their relationships with Jesus Christ and apply their faith to their daily lives. The men work to achieve these goals by joining in small groups to discuss their successes and struggles, praying together, studying the Sacred Scripture, and holding each other accountable to their Christian values by the way they live their lives. Through this fellowship, they learn that they are capable of realizing and committing to their true priorities, and living that commitment. In fostering this, the St. Jerome Society, Men of Faith and Action, strives to bring its members closer to God, their families, the community, and each other.

If you would like to meet other men facing the challenges of being Catholic in today’s world, we invite you to join us and see what we’re all about. The group meets every Saturday morning from 7-8:30 am in the St. Jerome hall. If you would like more information, please contact Alex Sgoutas at or 203.762.8837, or Joe O’Callaghan at or 203.847-0321.

St. Mary | Men’s Group

Sometimes men just need to be men. The St. Mary’s Men’s Group is focused on building fellowship and community within the parish among men aged 18 and up. We meet every Friday at 6:45 am in St. Patrick’s Chapel (downstairs in the church) for Eucharistic Adoration and then gather for coffee, bagels and great conversation afterwards in the rectory. We chat informally about all the topics important to guys: faith, sports, family, politics, movies… you name it. Men’s Group also hosts other events throughout the year, including movie nights, field trips to New York City, community service projects, group dinners and retreats. For more information, contact Paul McLaughlin at or 203.858.8528, or just show up any Friday at 6:45 am!

St. Philip | Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry at St. Philip, founded to foster spiritual reflection and brotherhood, is open to all men of the parish and surrounding communities. A reading from scripture serves as a springboard to personal reflection and open-ended dialogue. The goal is to help men deal with the demands of everyday life by sharing their Christian commitment in prayerful conversation. The group meets every Saturday morning from 8-9:30 am.

Redding Ridge

St. Patrick | Men’s Prayer Group

St. Patrick’s Men’s prayer group meets every Saturday of the month at 8 am in the rectory. Come for prayer, support, fellowship, and coffee. Please all rectory for schedule: 203.938.2253.


St. Elizabeth Seton | Men’s Group

Meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 am in the Parish Center. Contact: Rich Adamski: 203.791.1851, or

St. Mary | Men’s Ministry

Join us at our Men’s Ministry weekly get-together for coffee, bagels, fellowship and stimulating discussions. We have over 120 registered men, and 50-60 attend each week to explore timeless lessons of scripture, faith, and morals and discuss how to apply them for the benefit of yourself, your family, your friends and your co-workers.

Other goals of this dynamic ministry are to broaden our faith even further (at your own pace), and to use our individual talents to help others meet the real challenges they face today. We meet every Saturday from 6:30-8:00 am in the St. Mary Parish Hall. For more information, contact Timothy O’Connell at or 203.903.4846.


St. Lawrence | Men of St. Joseph

The Men of St. Joseph is a group of Catholic men committed to Jesus Christ and dedicated to helping men grow in their personal spirituality in community with other men considering the crisis of faith in our day. God called St. Joseph to help bring Jesus into the world and He is still calling ordinary men to do the same thing today. The group meets on the last Thursday of the month to listen to talks by key speakers on various topics which are informative, insightful, and inspirational, participate in special liturgies especially during Advent and Lent, and enjoy fellowship with other men over coffee and doughnuts. We invite all the men of the parish to join us at our meetings.


Holy Spirit | Men’s Group

All men are welcome! Usually meets the on the first Saturday of the month. See Parish Calendar for meeting dates and times.

Sacred Heart | Holy Name Society

Holy Name Society is a group of men meeting the first Monday of the month in the Parish Hall for a meeting and spiritual direction. For more information, contact George Ducanic.

St. Cecilia | Saturday Men’s Breakfast

We meet each Saturday morning from 7:15-8:30 am in the Parish Center over breakfast. Coffee and bagels are available at 7 am. Our Mission is:

  • To provide men of all ages the opportunity to reflect on sacred scripture, and see how it has meaning and purpose in our lives today
  • To enable each to be aware of and share with one another in a confidential setting, their challenges and successes in living God’s word each day
  • To encourage each to carry God’s teaching into the week, and be sensitive to God’s presence and will in their lives
  • To do good works that build the faith community of St. Cecilia by providing opportunities to serve and build relationship to God, each other and those in need
  • To take on major challenges (e.g. homelessness, the hungry, seniors) that allow each of us to use our gifts of talent, time, treasure and faith; collectively using the blessings we have received

St. John the Evangelist | Holy Name Men’s Society

For the men of the parish, meets on Fridays in the Rectory from 7-7:50 am for coffee, Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction. All men of the parish are welcome. We finish in time for the 8 am Mass.


Holy Name of Jesus | Holy Name Society

As part of their mission, the Men’s Society promotes the spiritual welfare of the parish by encouraging and assisting their members to observe the practices of the confraternity of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, namely the frequent reception of the sacraments, the honoring of the Most Holy Name by active religious life and the working against all things which offend the Most Holy Name. Activities and fundraisers include the September Car Show, Boys Night Out, Christmas Party, Pierogi and Potato Pancake Dinners and weekend retreats. All men are welcome!

Our Lady of Peace | Men’s Group

Men of the parish meet for 8 am Mass on Saturdays. After Mass, they meet in the Monsignor Gilmartin Hall to dive into God’s word and discuss. Everyone is welcome! For more information, contact Bud Hewitt at

St. James | Beloved Sons Ministry for Men

The purpose of the Ministry for Men is to consistently reach out to all men of our faith community in a caring way, gather them periodically for a Fellowship Gathering, invite them to participate in the life of our community of faith, and to promote, affirm and support their effort to live and grow in the way and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our Ministry of Men group guides men along the journey that is their life, so that they can become the man they were created to be—the best version of themselves. The group meets twice a month (the first Thursday and third Saturday).

St. Mark | Men’s League and Social Club

Involves the men of the parish in a variety of activities, including the annual Walter Wright Memorial St. Mark Basketball Tournament, the St. Mark Annual Bazaar, and providing financial assistance to St. Mark’s School. For more information, contact Tom Kulhawik at


St. Theresa | Sons of St. Joseph

The Sons of Saint Joseph is an active men’s ministry of the parish of St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church in Trumbull, CT founded in 2011. Today we count over 120 men in our local area as members. Our work is primarily on our own spiritual growth with the ultimate goal of becoming holy. Prayer, formation and fellowship are our primary means to that all-important end. We meet each Saturday morning from 6:30-8 am in the Parish Center, beginning our day with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a brief sermon given by one of the priests of the parish, and a short small group discussion on the week’s topic.


Our Lady of Fatima | OLF Men’s Group

OLF Men’s Group is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, growing and training God’s man in Christ. The group traditionally meets at 6:30 am on Saturday mornings for coffee, followed by a discussion at 7 am in the Parish Center. We meet early so that people can still make other Saturday obligations. Beginning with prayer and the study of Scripture lessons and passages, the major part of the time together consists of small group discussion and the sharing of successes and struggles as members of families (husbands, singles, fathers, etc.) seeking to live out their discipleship to Jesus as members of His Church family.

The group is open to ALL men of the parish and is meant to be a social and spiritual extension of our parish community. Please consider dropping by, discussing topics that include being a better Catholic man/husband/father or sign up to receive our emails. You are truly welcome anytime that you can make it.

We don’t meet during the summer months.