Articles By: Joe Pisani

Bring All the Children to Jesus September 4th, 2023 - It was a typical Monday morning Mass with the usual suspects—seniors, retirees, homemakers and nonagenarians—when suddenly five minutes before starting time, a grandmother, her daughter… Read More ››
Praying on the run April 30th, 2023 - I’ve developed a new style of prayer. You might call it “ad hoc” prayer or “spur of the moment” prayer, because it comes and goes… Read More ››
Americans and the Israelites July 20th, 2022 - Do you remember that scene in “The Ten Commandments” when actor Charlton Heston, as a Hollywoodesque Moses, was coming down Mount Sinai with the stone… Read More ››
How does Jesus see us? June 1st, 2022 - Let me tell you an Easter story. I know it’s a little late and that I should be setting my watch for Ordinary Time…but something… Read More ››