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Office of the Diaconate

The Office of the Permanent Diaconate is responsible for all aspects associated with vocations to the permanent diaconate, the formation of men and the ongoing formation and coordination of the Dioceses permanent diaconate community. The Coordinator of Vocations facilitates the processes involved in the recruitment and selection of candidates.

What Is A Deacon?

A deacon is a man who is called by God through the Church and ordained by his bishop to serve the needs of God’s people. If a married man is called to the diaconate, his wife must consent and support his decision to seek formation and ordination. As Catholics, we believe that each ordained deacon is conformed through the sacramental grace of Holy Orders into the image of Jesus the Servant.

Why We Need Deacons

The complete divine structure of the Church requires the unique and irreplaceable ministry of bishops, priests, deacons, laity and religious to work together in building up our community of faith. Each state of the Church contributes in a unique way to its mission. Therefore, deacons are the sacramental sign of Christ’s Ministry of Service on behalf of the Church and the world.




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Diocese of Bridgeport Diaconate

Deacon John DiTaranto
Director of the Diaconate

Email: DnDitaranto@diobpt.org

Alexandra Segura
Administrative Assistant of the Diaconate Office

Email: Alexandra.Segura@diobpt.org